Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are lots of things in this world that one can’t understand. Life is a big puzzle because you don’t know what is going to happen next. Because you are surrounded by people who wear colorful and joyful masks, which may explode any time to give you enough discomfort for a life time. Life is full of surprises… and by nature our life is not in our hands. Every day, for everything, someone else’s effort or time is consumed by us to carry our life smooth. When you don’t know how these others will react… your life becomes a big puzzle! To make this puzzle less straining to solve, we need a great support. Be it our family or friends, they contribute a big deal in easing out the difficult phases of our life, being and giving the support that we need. That is where evil “EXPECTATIONS” creep in. When they give you their support when you least expect and build the expectation level you automatically tend to expect from them the next time. But some people are wise! They really don’t expect anything from anyone. But some climb up the expectation ladder and fall down with a broken heart. A broken heart can be patched but what once broken is broken forever! So here it goes…. Do not expect anything from anyone! Not even your blood relations. I am not throwing them under the bad light. But it is just a precaution to avoid broken hearts! Because one broken is broken! Take care!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Master the Art of Patience

Every day is a struggle but winning the struggle is what we humans are built for!

Remember how you felt this morning… did you feel fresh or stale? Obviously the night’s sleep would have done magic to your days stress. Sleeping your stress away is one of the best solutions to be happy.

You can follow the following steps that I found in an interesting site and revitalize your life.

Step 1: When inhaling, say "Everything will be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end" and allow hope and trust in the universe to fill your canister.

Step 2: Always imagine a happy, successful, perfect future. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the starts". The image of getting exactly what you want has the ability to fill your P inhaler quickly.

Step 3: Whenever you feel pressure, take five deep breathes. It will bring oxygen into your brain and increase your clarity and patience. Do not react immediately to things happening around you. Stop, ask yourself, "How do I feel?" and find something positive to say.

Step 4: When you feel hurt, physically or emotionally, regardless of the degree of the pain, say, "Time heals all wounds". Although it may seem like some wounds will never heal, they actually do. Just trust the universe and repeat the affirmation as many times and for as long as you need to fill your P inhaler.

Step 5: Whenever you need to wait for several days, count sleeps and mark the days on a calendar. This technique is useful for all ages. If impatience disturbs your sleep, say, "I will sleep on it", "Tomorrow, everything will be better", "After a good night's sleep I will feel much better" or "If I close my eyes and sleep, I won't feel the wait any longer".

Step 6: Keep yourself busy doing things that distract you from looking at the watch again and again. The only way to make the hands of the clock move faster is by doing other things with your own hands you are happy about and not looking at the time. If you have to wait a week for a trip, a visit or a reply from an interview, make sure you have a huge list of things to do, include many fun things, and do them.

Step 7: Mediation is a wonderful way to refill your P inhaler. Surprisingly, when you fill your canister with mediation and a relaxed mind, you may find you do not need to use your inhaler as often.

Step 8: Faith has been found to be a great booster of patience and can refill your P inhaler very quickly. Faith is a set of beliefs and rules you follow that gives you piece of mind and confidence in your direction in life (your purpose). Find out what you believe in and make sure you have plenty of happy, encouraging, motivating beliefs. Set goals and find your life's purpose.

Step 9: To make it easy to refill your Patience inhaler, watch your vocabulary and omit from it phrases like "I will never…" (you do not know it for sure anyway and it is poison to hope), "It's always…" (nothing ever happens exactly the same way twice - even when we have the same experiences again, we are no longer the same), "I don't have time…" (you have exactly the same time as everyone else, you just choose to do something else with it) and "It will take too long" ("too long" is only your perception. There are always better and faster ways to do things, but are you in a hurry to get to anywhere?).

Courtesy Rohin Baras for having the heart to spread the tips to stay happy!