Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is this the pre valentine's day effect?!?!??!

OMG!!! I cant believe that every soul around me is madly and crazily in love!!!!
ppl are writing poems...singin songs... traveling long.. jus to make their loved ones happy!
OH BOY OH BOY!!!! there are guys in Chennai who are the romeo kind!!! unbelievable!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuk-Tuk wala on Net!

Ok, now this is totally unbelievable for me! An auto driver has his own web site?!??!

Hard to believe but it’s true!!! And more surprising, he is in Chennai. Mr. Samson is an auto driver who calls his auto “Tuk-Tuk” (watta creativity!). Though this news came to me as a mix of shock and surprise I am glad that India is rapidly growing in IT ans internet based industries. More and more people are becoming aware of the power of Internet, including auto walas! Here is the link to Mr.Sam's online tuk-tuk!

P.S to Mr.Samson: Plz don’t tell me that you have finished your B.E or something!!! I wil get a heart attack! ;)

Way to go Chennaites!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppy cam- A new enchanting experience for all those dog lovers out there!

If you are a dog lover like me then you will love this! This thing called the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is a great time pass for all pet lovers. It airs the activities of pups and their mom. This is soo cute to watch and you'll just get addicted like me and will keep watching.

But i gotta say that sometimes it’s boring when the puppies sleep! But man… u gotta watch them mule and try to move their chvweet furry body!!! They are just adorable! This will be the next fav site to daily puppy (for me atleast!).

Well... all ye dog lovers... hav fun watching the plumy, yummy, huggable, kissable pups!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Law against Pets? Have People Gone NUTS?

I was shocked to see this on the television today!!! “The Madras High Court has passed a rule that it is not permissible to grow pets (particularly dogs with barking nature) in a housing locality. For having pets appropriate permission from the municipality board of the respective district ought to have been obtained”. Why does government pass such rules by considering just a couple of bad examples??? This is absolutely disheartening for all pet owners!

I don’t really get the point of people complaining against dogs barking at night. I have a neighbor whose baby keeps crying out loud almost 24/7. Does that mean I can barge a complaint to evacuate that little guy from my neighborhood just because he is annoying and sometimes even spoils my sleep?

A dog or any pet is like a baby for any pet owner. In fact they ARE babies! They don’t have an idea about the cruel world outside. They are innocent, loving, and important of all… they are more loyal than humans. Where will they go if we had to abandon them? Does the government take similar actions against corruptions in various government sectors? Why do they prefer to stay blind in important issues but magnify petty issues like this?

I wish all pet lovers can join hands against this inhuman law! Our pets have their rights to live with their momma and papa and no law should separate this love!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Dogs and Cute Girls

Today I had a teeny-weeny bit of the weirdest discussion c.a.k.a. argument with my buddy “Smoke” that is, is Ms. Konkana Sen Sharma hot or cute? My friend came with an unexpected answer, “She is hotttt!” (Duh!!!) And my counterargument was the obvious truth… she is not hot dude but cute! (Well… how many of you guys agree with me? Raise your hands ;))

This beautiful lady is birthed in the beautiful land begal of course! Bengal for many years now is a synonym for two things, one - rasagoula (an Indian delicacy that gives ecstasy), two – Bengal maidens (pale or dusky belles who gives ecstasy, only to the men’s eyes). Maybe smoke got carried away with the fact that Ms. KSS is a Bengali!

Let alone the argument part, the highlight of the conversation: psstt… I was dumbstruck (Visualize: jaws dropped) when he counter argued my “Cute cannot be hot buddy, they are two different things!” with his example “A puppy can be cute, girls can only be hot not cute! So you cannot call a dog “hot dog” and a girl “cute girl”!!!!” I KNOW!!!! THAT’S THE ULTIMATE SEED FOR THIS BLOG ENTRY!!! NO STONES PLZ!

And… courtesy smoke for the big bright topic you tickled out of my brain!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sherlock Holmes comes Alive in Big Screen!

Oh boy!!! One of the fine men I loved from the fiction world comes alive with the magic of Guy Ritchie. Though I didn’t watch his other movies but Snatch… he has set my expectation level so high that I now want to catch up on the rest of the movies too!!! Well... don’t ask me if I am a big film critic or something, I am simply elated and having the after effects of watching a damn good movie after a long time!

The protagonist– Sherlock Holmes is played by none other than the ever charming Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law is playin Dr.Watson! (If I had ever known Dr.Watson will look as stunning as Jude I would have fallen in love with him in the first place!!! Never mind my drooling!). Though the cast of this movie include Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, and a few others you can watch it for just Holmes and Watson! And yea... muscle twisting action scenes!

The dialogues between Holmes and Watson are out of the world!!! They’re witty, cheesy, funny, clever, and what not! The movie is definitely worth a couple of wink less hours you spend! If you love Action Comedies then this movie is a must watch!

I am planning to watch it again for 4 good reasons – Jude law, excellent screen play, I hav some spare time this week, and ummm.. Jude Law again! ;)