Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogs-An Alternative Media?

The history of blog is a wee bit funny of course. As the wiki says Peter Merholz coined the word weblog and just like that broke it into “we blog”. This eventually turned in to the now most common word “blog”. Digging a few decades back, having a PC was a big achievement for many. Slowly people started considering PCs as any other household amenities. Likewise, internet which was once considered only as the rich man’s pie is now a necessity of every household! With the increase in the popularity of internet more and more people started consuming the web juices either to nourish their knowledge or their wealth. Now internet is considered as one of the most powerful medium to do anything in this world! And blogs are making a rave race there. Blogs are educative, entertaining, and even whining (for those who vent out their frustrations). It is used in all possible ways to communicate various messages. I can keep listing the various uses of blogs! Websites use blogs as back links to increase their hits, cinemas use blogs to advertise their latest releases, Celebs use them stay in touch with their fans, and people like me use blogs just to ramble, share ideas and opinions… blogs are evolving in to a new don of the internet. Unlike social networking sites blogs have a huge space for you to own, more privacy, more fun. Personally I feel a blog is like your own piece of land. You can build a house, invite people, shoo off people, and host a party… or whatever… it’s all your own! Coming to the professional part… online advertising has become a branch of advertising. One can make a huge career out of it in the present scenario. Online business and transactions is considered the most convenient and affordable means right now. Many blogs have now become a platform for all these online activities! Is each and every blogger using this medium in the right way? The answer doesn’t matter. Blogs are fun anyways!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Beating the Monday morning blues seems like a hot topic! Looks like 90 percent of the working population sail the same boat as mine… I don’t hate Mondays though! It’s just that I am at my laziest peak on Monday mornings.

Unlike the other days my Monday mornings start with forcing myself out of bed (takes at least half an hour!) and then coiling myself again on the sofa for an extra 15 min. Boom! My mind explodes… alarming me that I have less than 20 min to get ready and hit the road. I get ready in lightening speed pretending that sleep has exited my mind for at least 14 more hours.

When I start rolling my bike on the road, the traffic welcomes my sleep with a big smile again… actually I used to wonder how people can doze when they drive but believe me it certainly is possible! My eyes droops putting my life and other’s at sake. Thankfully a variety of vehicle honks and the buzzling auto drivers save my day with irritating noises that put off my sleep. And when I finally reach my destination (my office) that is the best place to serve your Monday morning right! I jus can’t resist the sleep that invades my eyes though it’s preoccupied with work! I can’t help it people!

But today…. This Monday…. I jus took a small leap forward to find out how I can make my next Monday a better one. Guess what??? I found this – experts suggest hitting the sack as early as possible on Sunday nights, the extra sleep might help dust off the sleep away from your eyes!

By avoiding sleeping in on weekends we can raise early on Monday (now that looks like a difficult one for me… may be you guys can go ahead and try that). Laugh your way to a great start by reading funny comic strips and silly jokes. Guarantee to chase the blues away. (I might want to try these). There are many more tips and tricks in the online world but what I feel is that if you have the confidence and courage to fight and throw that tiny weenie bit of laziness away… it’s is all done in one go!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November Rain

November rain is always associated with the pleasant aroma that is emitted by the earth, the freshness that is rejuvenated by the monsoon showers, and the bright flowers decorated with dew drops! But that was what I only read and heard about monsoon rains. As far as I could remember of rains in India, rain always gives raise to issues like flood, diseases, water logging on roads, muddy streets, destroyed crop fields, broken trees on road, broken electric wires, and accidents! I might have missed out many other common issues birthed by rain in my country. Out of all the problems, the one problem I consider the stupidest is the accidents caused by open manholes! In the past few decades at least five civilians die falling in to an open manhole every monsoon! Well… five is just a random count, there could be more than five, believe me! Fortunately this year (2009) one such accident is not in news till now! Though this is just the start of the monsoon I am just praying that at least this time the government is a wee bit responsible enough to close all the open man holes on the roads.

As for me… I use a bike to commute. And that doesn’t mean I am having a problem free monsoon. As I said before, the roads are flooded and every morning I start my bike with a heavy heart because I have to force it to work as a boat, waddling through the puddles on the bumpy roads. Every time I hold the clutch tight to stop my bike a few inches away from the other vehicles my bike screams outta pain. Can’t blame my bike! It is in fact the slippery roads that make it hard for my bike to stop at the right time! Not to mention the few ten heads that turn around to look at me anticipating a bump or fall!

It is only in the movies girls dance and sing in the rain. In reality monsoon showers create quite a mess! Ito be honest I don’t hate rain totally. But to welcome and enjoy the rain to the fullest either our country has to have proper amenities to handle rain water or the monsoon showers have to be minimal! Both options are definitely void in this era! So I’ll just get over it and keep following Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Concert cacophony!

Do all organizations conduct some kinda celebration/get together/ competition for every big festival? Well... I dunno tat but this diwali was supposed to be humiliating one for me. But the funny thing was tat I was Numb! (Thank god!). I thought of giving a solo vocal performance in a big office get together…. But I really dunno how 3 more cacophonic dames joined me... it all got spoilt! I could barely hear my voice in the recorded audio. The theory behind this is that I hav a base voice and the other dames had… I dunno maybe something similar to a wolf’s howl?!?!?! Well… all in the game! There are people who can be loud but not sanely loud. So if you are sane but not loud jus try to be wit the sane group or try to increase ur volume! This not only applies for my “Concert cacophony” but also in life!

Well… there is always a next time!

C ya!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raining dogs and cats

Do you know the origin/history of this phrase?

One supposed origin is that the phrase derives from mythology. Dogs and wolves were attendants to Odin, the god of storms, and sailors associated them with rain. Witches, who often took the form of their familiars - cats, are supposed to have ridden the wind. Well, some evidence would be nice. There doesn't appear to be any to support this notion.

It has also been suggested that cats and dogs were washed from roofs during heavy weather. This is a widely repeated tale. It got a new lease of life with the e-mail message "Life in the 1500s", which began circulating on the Internet in 1999. Here's the relevant part of that:

I'll describe their houses a little. You've heard of thatch roofs, well that's all they were. Thick straw, piled high, with no wood underneath. They were the only place for the little animals to get warm. So all the pets; dogs, cats and other small animals, mice, rats, bugs, all lived in the roof. When it rained it became slippery so sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof. Thus the saying, "it's raining cats and dogs."

Quite funny!!!


We adopted snowy when he was a month old. He looked like a small ball of snow (he used to curl and cuddle himself in to a ball) so I named him snowy.

The name Snowy might sound girly… that’s because when he was a pup I did not even know if he is a he or she (Call me lame...no probs...lol)

When I first took him to my home he felt so lonely he won’t even come near me… I too did not know how to handle him and stuff. But slowly I learned it and still learning what to do and what not to do.

He used to cry all the time and I used to wonder “Is he asking for his mom?” “Is he scared?” I did not find the exact answer but he slowly learned that we are his family, my mom is his mom and I am his sis!

Snowy is naughty, bratty, witty (when it comes to stealing food from the kitchen), and my cutie J

P.S: Snowy had a pair of weak hind limbs when he was a month old. With the vets advice we gave him a lot of physiotherapy exercises and by the time he was 3 or 4 months old he was jumping and running like the rest of his friends J

Love Snowy because he is small yet strong. He has got a lot of will power and he loves us unconditionally. He talks with us through his cute expressions and sweet mulling barks…

He is my baby bro and the angel of our house… the only medicine that takes away all the stress and worries of my family.