Friday, July 25, 2014

Heaven comes down to Earth!

To stay honest to the quote, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” I agreed to join the trip to St. Mary’s Islands with a group of friends. Thanks to the gentleman who opted out of the trip at the last minute, I neither had an idea about the travel time nor the destination. The car was on its wheels for what it felt like eternity!

It was a tiring 12 hour road trip from Bangalore to St.Mary’s Islands. The minute our vehicle stopped at the shores of the beach, we fleeted towards the water as if we spotted an oasis in the middle of a hot dessert. We chose the right time to visit the beach – it was towards the end of July. At least that’s what the rest of the gang said with contentment. However, for a person like me, any month or day of the year does not make a difference when it comes to visiting a beach. I hail from Chennai where visiting the beach is just a weekend ritual or just a peaceful stretch for a morning walk.
I scanned around and told my friend, “There is nothing great about this place, except for a patch of land floating a little away from the beach!” That was just an outcome of witnessing an island with just patches of sand and some coconut trees after a long, cramped travel.
We took a ferry till the Island and walked to the other side. What caught my heart and soul on the other side of the Island cannot be explained through words. For a minute, I could not believe I was in India. The Island was full of crystalized Basalt rock, a unique rock formation that is not found in many places around the world. Most of the formations stood tall like pillars, some had a red tint to it and some had green. The glassy green sea water between the Islands together with the rock formation along the long curve of the beach simply looked tranquil.
Our bodies forgot tiredness but our minds took a break. We spent hours walking around and swimming till our eyes and heart quenched its thirst for nature. The last ferry to go back to reality arrived, and we boarded it with a mind and body so light!

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Skin a Giraffe

It’s been ages since I stopped doing many things that was very much a part of my life. So, grabbed the chance when a friend invited me to this play, “How to Skin a Giraffe” that was staged in Rangashankara.

Most of us are into a delusion that plays are for the intellectuals. I say, the delusion by itself is a delusion! (Honestly, I could not relate the title of the play with what they showcased on stage. Not that I was expecting the artists to demonstrate skinning a giraffe, simply put, I just didn’t get it man!). Having said that, I was looking forward to a highly incomprehensible play, which might lull me to sleep or give me an ego crunch.

Sitting among a sophisticated crowd that dressed mostly in crisp cottons (the Fab India types), and a bunch of sophisticated, intellectual, and crazy (ex) colleagues/friends made me feel like a duck in a parliament of owls (ahh…finally putting the collective noun to use!). Luckily, I got a place in the second row – less chances of getting distracted by the owls.

The play begun with soothing live music and artists entering the stage, acting like puppets - good enough to trigger the thought, “100 mins of boredom awaits”. Fifteen minutes of that and the play took a twist. The dialogues shifted from English to Hindi and then to Tamil, Kanada, and Malayalam, and were quite simple to comprehend. The artists brought a palette of brilliant expressions on their face. The music became more interesting – kept me wondering how such outstanding music can be produced using simple instruments such as a mouth organ, lute, chimes, and so on. The use of properties was creative and the occasional interactions with the audience made the play even more interesting.

I came out with a flushed face (of merry and laughter), satisfied that I did something awesome after sluggishly spending months, doing nothing that I can talk or blog about. Keeping my fingers crossed that I spend the rest of the year enjoying similar “blogable” stuff! ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You complete me!!!

Time passes so fast….
Within you, I am so lost….
Our love will never exhaust…
Am not losing you at any cost…
Thanks for being such a lovable friend
Thanks for being so understanding
Thanks for the meaning you add to my life
Thanks for completing me


காற்றாய் இரு... நான் சுவாசிக்க
காதலாய் இரு... என் இதயம் துடிக்க
நினைவாய் இரு... நான் காலம் மறக்க
கணவாய் மட்டும் இருந்துவிடாதே... நான் விழிக்க மறுக்க!

You are where I Belong

I lived my life so long, not knowing you exist
When I met you, my destiny took a twist
You made me fly without wings
Filled my heart full of yearnings

I don’t know what took over, destiny or luck
But we both were love struck
Neither you nor I could hold the secret
Maybe cupid shot us with a musket!

Every second we spend together
I wished it to last a little more, like forever
Every second we spend apart
I wished it fleeted fast

When this long wait comes to an end
I’ll show my yearns that are now penned
Even if the wait lasts lifelong
Baby, you are where I belong

The English Teacher

Something worth sharing…

"Wife, child, brothers, parents, friends... We come together only to go apart again. It is one continuous movement. They move away from us as we move away from them. The law of life cannot be avoided. The law comes into operation the moment we detach ourselves from our mother's womb. All struggle and misery in life is due to our attempt to arrest this law or get away from it or in allowing ourselves to be hurt by it. The fact must be recognized. A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth in life. All else is false... Loved ones...They scatter apart like the droplets of a water spray. The law of life. No sense in battling against it."

A different genre of fiction that I finished reading today had the above lines in the last but one page. Of all the lines in the hundred and eighty four page book, this impelled me to blog again, after a long time. To accept the realities of life is indeed difficult. But, life goes on no matter what and at the end; to not to love yourself is ignominious of your presence in this universe!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love is...

A momentary mistake of the iris…
Stuck in the maze of sulcus and gyrus…
Spreads like a virus...
To hell! There are no survivors!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life's Many Questions!

People love to laugh; all the more, the ones who make them laugh! However, does anything change when they find out that the one who makes them laugh is a complete bogus and uses every possible opportunity to take advantage of the needy opponent who seeks happiness, in the pretence of making them “happy”?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poison Ivy

A cloud of darkness twined around,
the hidden evil is now expound.

My sweet evil gardner...

You watered my poison ivy,
with a smile so dewy.
The flower is about to bloom,
now, why do you gloom?

This isn't the time to renounce,
it's too late to trounce!
The darkness is all around,
i just cannot keep it impound!

My sweet evil gardner!
This ain't an ignoble weed,
you'll regret if you let it bleed!

Friday, February 10, 2012

‘Loss’ Why is it painful?

Today was not like any other Friday! Today was a long and painful day!

It was a complete shocker to hear that my Friend’s dad passed away in a heart-attack!

“He had no health issues; he was not a cardiac patient! I can’t believe this! It’s very difficult, it’s very difficult” she said with eyes blinded with tears. I have never seen her like that and it was painful to see her that way. I had no words to make her feel any better! Looking at her face generated painful spasms in my heart, but I had no words for her!

I really hope you feel better soon!