Thursday, October 28, 2010

Painting a Pain

The pain is as dark as it looked

Do it once, it gets you hooked

It tests your strength,

even if you paint a granth

Some who are in vain,

try painting their pain!

I never thought I will take such a long break from blogging, but hey… it’s always like that isn’t it? You never know what happens next! Too many things happening and too many things to do, yet, time remains too little for everything!

Well, in this too little time I had for myself in the past couple of weeks, I accompanied my friend to a weird weird place that made me wonder if hell would look similar. It was filled with nerve wracking, hard core rock songs and a weird smell, was that liquor? I really don’t want to know! The music was too loud that my heart tried to escape through my throat! And how that felt was not pleasant, trust me!

No no I am not talking about a pub or disc or something. It was just a small tattoo parlor run by two freaky looking guys! I really don’t know how smoke (smoke is my friend’s best name ;)) and those guys managed to have a conversation in that ear bleeding-music filled room. I escaped the pain of listening by just giving a “thumbs up” when they finalized on the design!

The tattoo guy traced the design on a special tattoo print sheet, pressed it on smoke’s arm, and peeled the sheet away…you know just like the boomer tattoos! :P but then came the real action! The guy started puncturing a thousand holes on the traced design with a sharp needle. Well, at first it looked as simple as embroidering a cloth to me, but then I realized it was a hell a lot of pain when I saw my friend’s weird expressions and fake smile. (The pain looked obvious smoke! :P)

“So why all the pain? The design is going to stay on your arm forever. Won’t you ever get bored of it?” I questioned.

“A physical pain to get over the worse that’s inside.” He replied with the same fake smile.

Hmmm… I am never getting myself a tattoo! Not really for the pain… I get bored easily! : )