Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Receding Tiger Reserve in India

Do you feel a stab in your heart when you hear that the animals you love became extinct? Well, I do! It is very painful to hear that there are only 1411 tigers left in India! I really can’t believe that we humans have become so greedy that we have pushed out national animal to near extinction. Killing tigers merely for their fur and to satisfy many hunter’s/poacher’s pride is absolutely ludicrous. We humans are going way against Mother Nature, destroying all her creations and herself for our greedy and covetous urge to live in grandeur.

When I was researching a bit on tigers I discovered that there are three species of tiger that have become extinct way back in the 1960’s they are the Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, and Caspian Tiger. In fact, I was not even able to source a couple of images of these tigers. I, from my deep heart wish that humans don’t become very cruel to banish the few thousand of the mighty cats that is left in India.

Some interesting facts about tigers

· They can grow up to 11ft tall

· They weigh up to 300Kg/660lb

· They are widely spread out in the Asian countries

· They love to swim

· They weigh heavier than Lions

· There are nine subspecies of tigers, out of which three are extinct or almost extinct

· The white tigers and the golden tabby tigers are discovered recently and are said to be hybrids

· Tiger is artificially hybrid with Lions to the new offspring called Liger

These are just simply amazing facts that bring out how unique this animal is, and what great loss it is to our country if this animal becomes extinct. People who still have some humane hearts, let’s do our part to save this majestic cat from becoming extinct. Let’s do our part to stop poaching and hunting. There are a few organizations like PETA and that are working towards this goal, let us do what we can by joining hands with them.


  1. To me, both are important - human being and animals. And despite some efforts taken by the government, the number of tigers in the country continues to decrease. Pity :(

  2. Yes... that is the prob. Our Gvt is taking only "some" efforts! Hope things will improve!


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