Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Away

Staying away from parents is not an easy job. At least not for someone like me! All my life I have been guided by my mom. My dad mostly leaves things to me. He believes in the concept, “You reap what you sow, I have given you life and education. You now know what to do with your life”. On the other hand, my mom is concerned, over concerned I should say. To be exact, she fears that we shouldn’t go out of the name, morals and ethics that our family has displayed so far. Now, that’s why she plays the role of our (me and my brother’s) life guide.

The moment I stepped out of my house to peruse my life and career. Hell came down, I was always named a “rebel” in my peace loving family and now they called this “the ultimatum”. After all initial “don’t go dear” followed by “Get lost, never come back!” it’s finally peace now (at least that is what I assume!)

After all that, here I am, writing how difficult life is without you ma. It’s not the comfort of home I am talking about; it’s your company and warmth that I miss. I miss doing all those home chores that you would have to yell ten times for me to do. I really do miss that. I miss the way you feed me when I rush to office in the morning. I miss taking you for a drive. I miss calling you from the super market to read out the list of grocery that I always forget at home. I miss you yelling at me for not picking the dried clothes before it gets wet in the rain. I miss your face-to-face polambals. I miss your chella kovams.

It’s been quite a while I saw your pretty face and I feel life is so lonely already! No one in this world can put up with me but you ma. I miss you so very much. I know you will never read this, still, someday you will know that I am not happy being away from you. But I have to stay put for a little while. As you say I learn by burning my fingers, let me burn it a little more. When this episode winds up, I will have some stories to tell. You will have your, ever happy to say, “I told you so!” to tell.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On a Rainy Night...

The place was deserted, justifying the unusual eerie silence. Faint footsteps of a pair of boots came closer and closer. It was clear that someone is nearing. Yet, Tammy refused to move her head away from her computer screen.

“Hey, haven’t you left yet?” a bright clear voice hit her from behind. It was Vishwanth, her manager.

“Damn Vish, you startled me! Your laptop was nowhere to be seen so I thought you left.”

“I gave my laptop for an upgradation and went for a smoke break. So why are you staying late? Well… I don’t remember assigning you a Solitaire game to play!!!.” Vishwanth peeped into her computer screen with his trademark “naughty” smile.

“Ah! Don’t worry boss I sent my review to the onshore team. They’ll take a week to get back on that. Don’t tell me that you have extra work for me now!” Tammy clutched her lips with disappointment.

“ha ha… no Tam, definitely not on a Friday evening. Why are you staying late playing Solitaires anyway?”

“Vish, I guess you are losing your memory. I had applied for a week off and you approved it yesterday. Remember?”

“Oh… yea I remember. Days pass so fast! So, all set for your vacation? What time is your flight?”

“It’s at eleven. I thought I can hang around for a while because It’ll take days to travel from my apartment to the airport.”

“At eleven? Are you kidding me? I think you have to start now. My brother said the traffic is pretty bad today. A truck rammed into a car and vehicles are moving at the speed of an inch per hour!”

“What? Damn! Okay see you then. I will hurry up.” Tammy clicked the shutdown button without even closing her game of Solitaires. She dumped her headphones, notepad, and pen into her already stuffed travel pack and loaded it on her back.

“Tam, wait up! I will drop you.” Vishwanth pulled his car keys out of his loose jeans pocket.

Tammy froze. “Vish dropping me? In his car? I had to sit beside him for more than an hour? That will be a nightmare!”

She said “nightmare” because she had a huge crush on Vishwanth from the day he threw his charming smile at her. Every time Vish calls her to discuss work. Her heart will start pumping more than it should. There are days that she was tempted to ask for a change of project just because she couldn’t take her eyes off him during every discussion.

“…..and now he is asking me to travel with him for more than an hour? What if I keep ogling at him and he finds my little secret out? Damn! It looks like a good offer but NO Tam, DO NOT take it!”

“Tammy, why on earth are you looking like a freaked out puppy? Come on it’s getting late”

“Errr… I will take a rick. Ricks are smaller and they can zip zap zoom in this kind of traffic. Moreover you stay in the other side of the city. I don’t want to trouble you”

“Oh come on Tam, it started raining too. It’s a very bad idea to take a rick now. I really don’t mind travelling. I love driving and you know that!”

“Duh…In this mind wrecking traffic too?

“Now come on! Don’t waste time. I am sure rick is not a good option. You wanna go home or not? Your call!”

“agrr… fine I agree. Drop me please boss!”

“ha ha… alright then. Move fast”

Down in the parking, Vishwanth helped Tammy settle her huge back pack in the rear seat of the car while Tammy kept biting her nails, praying that she shouldn’t do anything stupid that will give him a hint of her crush.

Vishwanth, the gentleman he is, pulled the door open for Tammy. “Now stop biting your nails like a kid. I will make sure you catch the flight. No worries!”

Tammy smiled and slid inside the brand new BMW. “Geez… how can he afford such a car! His parents must be rich. Real bad idea to have a crush on a rich guy. Now I can be confident that he is not ‘my type’ Tammy will never go after rich men! Can never trust them you see!”

“Hey Tam, you are unusually silent! Still worried?” Vishwanth asked with the same old amile that Tammy can never resist.

“Nice car!” Tammy almost screamed unsteadily.

“That’s not an answer! Anyway, thanks! This is not my car. It’s my brother’s. I am planning to buy a Black Corolla in a couple of months”

“That’s a great choice!” Tammy sounded pretty unnatural to him. She was almost sticking to the door like a lizard, very consciously avoiding any small physical contact.

The rain subsided slowly and the roads showed no sign of traffic. “looks like your traffic update is not accurate!” Tammy, finally in her natural chirpy tone.

“Oh! Guess what? I said that on purpose because I wanted to drop you myself”.

Tammy was shocked to hear what Vishwanth just said. “WHAT? WHY?” She tried to sound angry but couldn’t hold back her blushing cheek.

Vishwanth did not answer her, “Well, here we are! You have one more hour for the flight. Clear all your formalities and give me a ring. Have a save flight Tam”.

“Bu… but why would you want to drop me? Why did you lie about the traffic?” Tammy sounded perplexed.

Vishwanth pulled her bag out of the rear seat and helped Tammy put it on “I thought you are a smart girl Tam! See ya! Will miss you, I hope you will miss me too!” He gave her a gentle hug “You have a flight to catch mam! You better hurry up. The airport is pretty busy before festivals.”

He got into the car and pulled down the windows. “Have a great vacation Tam. See you soon” Vishwanth threw his usual wink-and-smile at her and zoomed out of the picture.

“This is just a dream! Else am interpreting things in the wrong way! God! I just can’t believe this whole episode!” Tam mumbled as she walked into the airport.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Girl on The Runway

I met this girl on the runway of life

Big eyes gleaming with love. Love for someone or something that only seemed like a distant dream

Eyes so deep like a black hole echoed the bottomless search for the purpose of life.

I met this girl on the runway of life

Stranded by her, and the rest of the world

Scared by every effort that went into love and life.

I met this girl on the runway of life

Begging me to give up, on her

Give up staring into the mirror, at her, every day and night.

I met this girl on the runway of life…

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing Era

I am really surprised to hear that some men are now choosing their GF based on the school and college that they went to, organisation they are working for, and their designation! Looks like all proposal letters are going to include three more magic words “PFA my resume”!!!

Dude… isn’t this concept called “Arranged Marriage”?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Watching a Thamizh movie in a cinema hall is a complete NO NO in my list. Yet, I watched Mankatha for a few reasons such as I was totally vetti, I sensed depression is slowly getting on me, I didn’t go home this weekend (I really should have! Am angry on myself for that!), and I promised my Bengali friend that I will take her to a Thamizh movie! Also, I was curious to find out if Ajith has imitated George Cloony throughout the movie. (Thank fully he has not. But, he does resemble him in some angles) I actually loved his natural greys and honestly appreciate it too ^_^ Mannn…some men become more handsome as they age ;)

So ya… this is no movie review. I spent 150 bucks on this movie and enjoyed watching:

The dash of comedy by Premji – He kind of repeats his dialogs and dialog delivery style in every movie. However, it tickled a laugh out of me.

Ashwin kakumanu – His obvious good acting skills and extreme good looks kept me glued to my chair ;) (Boy, how did I not notice this guy in Nadunisi Naygal?!?! )

Vhaibav Reddy– A Tan skinned, fully bearded, average height guy with cute little eyes portrayed as a Romantic and SINCERE HUSBAND! :D (If we minus the “duh… he was a thug in the movie!” part, he’s my kinda fantasy guy :D) Boy Vhaibav, you are getting better and better at your acting : ) keep up the good work boy! ; )

Trisha – This lady is ever so gorgeous! Though she was not given much of a screen space, I Luved her costumes and the lady herself ;) she is beautipul for sure!

If you think this post is more of a “drool over”, it is completely Mr. Venkat Prabu’s fault! Oh yes, the story was totally predictable, the music was a great disappointment, same pubbing, clubbing, alcohol, smoking, gals in bikinis or almost bikinis…. Ufff am a bit tired of watching that crap!

Summing it up, two nice looking guys and a gorgeous lady on screen, a dash of comedy by premji, and a cup of coffee in a dark theatre with two office pals is not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening! :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All in a 40 min Ride

“Kemon acho? apni kono kaj koren na keno?” , “barthavu barthavu…. Cabu late”, “mujae kya karon yaar? Subeh se shaam PPTs dheke aanko karab kogay”, “nyan achanandae parayalla chaechi”… this kichadi of verbal delicacy is what will flow in to your ears if you are on your way back home in my office cab. Though it is a positive sign of diversity in a cab it sometimes becomes VERY annoying! (That too after a looong day of fighting with macros and putting up with the, “I will take my own sweet time to load” servers!) The big bad city is already noise polluted, you can neither open your windows to listen to a serene city environment nor ask these people to lower the volumes in their vocal chords!

The little pleasure you can take in these ‘verbal kichadi’ cab rides is to identify the words that are similar to your mother tongue and say to yourself, “ah…hah! I know this word! (The word might completely mean something else, but does that matter anyway?)

Even if you try your best of best to find one tiny weenie positive point in a ghastly cab ride, there comes the “be my navigator” part where you have to give precise directions to the cab driver. Otherwise, you will end up going in circles around the big bad city! And this is the case every day!!!

P.S: Did I hear anyone say, “c’mon you get picked and dropped by your office cab. It must be so convenient!”? ah uh… you should try it! It’s fun… like a roller coaster ride in a fish market!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Golden Word Heh?

“Maths is life! Do not ignore it dear, please take it up as one of your subject in Junior College” said my senior at school. I did understand what he said, but the fact is that I just had a total aversion towards maths (I think i have arithmophobia! O_o). So I went on… led a life without bothering much about maths for all these NINE years. Now, I can’t help but recollect the phone conversation I had with my senior when I heard, “I think I should reconsider my relationship with you, considering your terrible maths!” from my guy! Okay senior, now I get it… looks like maths has the power to determine everything! Uuff!!! Watta life man!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I wish I could pull down the blinds

On all ye curious minds

With all questions piercing me like lances

I can’t answer taking my chances

For life is so uncertain

Who knows what’s behind the curtain!

The overwhelming amount of uncertainties that life brings does not make it even a bit interesting. “Live the moment, life is fun”, some say. However, in my opinion, it is just a trick to cheat your brain from sinking into the swirl of confusions, boredom, and worries. Perhaps I feel that way because I am now living all by my own, swirled by uncertainties. Every single person I meet somehow ends up popping a question for which my possible answers will be “mmm…I am not sure!” or “uugghhh…I have nooo idea!”

I did not get into what those questions are because for now I have no answers for anything! My temporary objective is not to live the moment but to let it pass…waiting for that moment which can give me some answers! (Am tired scratching my brain you see!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Moments of bliss became past

Brimming with memories that will everlast

Where we head, no one knows

But honey, I know the path is no bed of rose

Hold my hand and walk with me

The path doesn’t matter as long as it’s with thee.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It feels like I almost forgot to write! But today, I felt it’s about time! So, here it goes…my first impressions of the city that I now live in.

For a moment, it appeared as if the tall sky scrapers where held straight by golden stings that pierced through the clouds. The vast mass of coconut trees, cheerfully danced with the wind. At a distance, I was able to see only a little of the large lake, brilliantly reflecting the dusky orange and maroons of the sun. The pet hump of the city, the Nandhi hills was swirled by foggy clouds. A couple of Kites went in circles, looking for their prey. And a flock of bright green birds flew against the direction of the fiery wind.

This is a magnificent view that I see every evening from the top of my office building. I didn’t realize that this place is actually beautiful until today! Hopefully this place will be one source of inspiration that will keep my blog going!
Cheers to b’lore!

~The Rain Crab