Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Girl on The Runway

I met this girl on the runway of life

Big eyes gleaming with love. Love for someone or something that only seemed like a distant dream

Eyes so deep like a black hole echoed the bottomless search for the purpose of life.

I met this girl on the runway of life

Stranded by her, and the rest of the world

Scared by every effort that went into love and life.

I met this girl on the runway of life

Begging me to give up, on her

Give up staring into the mirror, at her, every day and night.

I met this girl on the runway of life…

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing Era

I am really surprised to hear that some men are now choosing their GF based on the school and college that they went to, organisation they are working for, and their designation! Looks like all proposal letters are going to include three more magic words “PFA my resume”!!!

Dude… isn’t this concept called “Arranged Marriage”?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Watching a Thamizh movie in a cinema hall is a complete NO NO in my list. Yet, I watched Mankatha for a few reasons such as I was totally vetti, I sensed depression is slowly getting on me, I didn’t go home this weekend (I really should have! Am angry on myself for that!), and I promised my Bengali friend that I will take her to a Thamizh movie! Also, I was curious to find out if Ajith has imitated George Cloony throughout the movie. (Thank fully he has not. But, he does resemble him in some angles) I actually loved his natural greys and honestly appreciate it too ^_^ Mannn…some men become more handsome as they age ;)

So ya… this is no movie review. I spent 150 bucks on this movie and enjoyed watching:

The dash of comedy by Premji – He kind of repeats his dialogs and dialog delivery style in every movie. However, it tickled a laugh out of me.

Ashwin kakumanu – His obvious good acting skills and extreme good looks kept me glued to my chair ;) (Boy, how did I not notice this guy in Nadunisi Naygal?!?! )

Vhaibav Reddy– A Tan skinned, fully bearded, average height guy with cute little eyes portrayed as a Romantic and SINCERE HUSBAND! :D (If we minus the “duh… he was a thug in the movie!” part, he’s my kinda fantasy guy :D) Boy Vhaibav, you are getting better and better at your acting : ) keep up the good work boy! ; )

Trisha – This lady is ever so gorgeous! Though she was not given much of a screen space, I Luved her costumes and the lady herself ;) she is beautipul for sure!

If you think this post is more of a “drool over”, it is completely Mr. Venkat Prabu’s fault! Oh yes, the story was totally predictable, the music was a great disappointment, same pubbing, clubbing, alcohol, smoking, gals in bikinis or almost bikinis…. Ufff am a bit tired of watching that crap!

Summing it up, two nice looking guys and a gorgeous lady on screen, a dash of comedy by premji, and a cup of coffee in a dark theatre with two office pals is not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening! :D