Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Power Cuts and Birth of a Star

For the past few days, the EB department in Chennai was so gracious that they supplied electricity for only 12 hrs a day. Apparently, the power cut happens only during the nights! What else can i do but to climb upstairs, enjoy the natural breeze, and gaze at the winking stars! Stars have been a great inspiration for not only many astronomers but also for poets and other creative artists like me (wink wink).

For centuries, human kind has been admiring the beauty of stars and researching on its birth and existence for more than a few decades now. If you look close, you will find that not all stars look alike. Some might have a blue glow and some, a yellow to red glow. I personally love the blue blinkers! Some stars even look a bit smudged (…that it triggers a confusion about my vision). This is because there are more than ten types of stars in our galaxy. They are dwarf stars, yellow dwarfs, red dwarf, red giant, blue giant, super giant, white dwarf, brown dwarf, neutron star, etc.

Many factors determine the color and brightness of a star, the nature of its birth plays a major role in this. The birth of each and every star is unique and fascinating. For example, huge clouds of hydrogen gas or dust are brought together by the effect of solar winds. Surprisingly, this huge mass of hydrogen grows smaller and smaller by means of the weak gravitational force that exist between the hydrogen molecules. It is because of this gravitational pull the hydrogen particles move closer and closer, which ultimately increases the total density and thus gives birth to a protostar.

This process continues until the pressure in the core of the star reaches millions and millions of degrees and finally implodes. This implosion is mainly due to the thermonuclear reaction that occurs inside the hydrogen mass. Thus, every new star is born with a big bright bang!

Finally… if the power cut continues for long… I guess I will become an amateur astronomer! ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Every Morning.....

“The first drop of dew dribbled from the lush green leaf, the sun gave a warm smile and woke me up with its tickling rays. I woke up sluggishly only to see you lying beside me like a baby. I kissed you gently on your brow and watched your lips turning to a bow.”

How beautiful every dawn would be, if this happens every day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hush! I am a Daffodil

I walked through a sea of daffodils that carpeted a range of mountain hills

The wind swayed a petal that landed on my hand very subtle

It hissed in to my ears “Listen to my tears

Dear woman, I was born in a happy plant with no big clamant

I budded with my fellow daffs with all fun and laughs

When I was about to bloom my mom said never gloom for I will depart to glorify a stranger’s room

The time came to depart, but I left just a part, my heart

Tell me woman, are we not common?”

I retorted with a smile…

Yes dear daffodil, we come from a beautiful valley of love

From there we part leaving behind our heart

But dear daffodil wherever we go…

We spread the joy and happiness until we leave the stranger in loneliness!

We have things in common, we are common, and we are women!