Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All in a 40 min Ride

“Kemon acho? apni kono kaj koren na keno?” , “barthavu barthavu…. Cabu late”, “mujae kya karon yaar? Subeh se shaam PPTs dheke aanko karab kogay”, “nyan achanandae parayalla chaechi”… this kichadi of verbal delicacy is what will flow in to your ears if you are on your way back home in my office cab. Though it is a positive sign of diversity in a cab it sometimes becomes VERY annoying! (That too after a looong day of fighting with macros and putting up with the, “I will take my own sweet time to load” servers!) The big bad city is already noise polluted, you can neither open your windows to listen to a serene city environment nor ask these people to lower the volumes in their vocal chords!

The little pleasure you can take in these ‘verbal kichadi’ cab rides is to identify the words that are similar to your mother tongue and say to yourself, “ah…hah! I know this word! (The word might completely mean something else, but does that matter anyway?)

Even if you try your best of best to find one tiny weenie positive point in a ghastly cab ride, there comes the “be my navigator” part where you have to give precise directions to the cab driver. Otherwise, you will end up going in circles around the big bad city! And this is the case every day!!!

P.S: Did I hear anyone say, “c’mon you get picked and dropped by your office cab. It must be so convenient!”? ah uh… you should try it! It’s fun… like a roller coaster ride in a fish market!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Golden Word Heh?

“Maths is life! Do not ignore it dear, please take it up as one of your subject in Junior College” said my senior at school. I did understand what he said, but the fact is that I just had a total aversion towards maths (I think i have arithmophobia! O_o). So I went on… led a life without bothering much about maths for all these NINE years. Now, I can’t help but recollect the phone conversation I had with my senior when I heard, “I think I should reconsider my relationship with you, considering your terrible maths!” from my guy! Okay senior, now I get it… looks like maths has the power to determine everything! Uuff!!! Watta life man!