Monday, February 22, 2010

Tides of Time – Part 2

“Anu… Anu… We need to go get our instruments ready our contest starts in 5 minutes! Oh c’mon move your butt silly girl!”

“What? Oh yea that was awesome!”

“Anu, hope you din’t lose your mind cos we are moving on stage in 5 minutes and we all rely on you to win this time!”

“Chill Kiks! We are winning this time!”

The girls called their band AUREOLE and never missed a chance to do justice to their band’s name because every time they finish performing the audience galore will be filled with a charismatic aura. They have never lost any contest so far, for the variety and innovation they bring out. This time the band has planned to tune down the instruments further and give a soulful performance with Anu’s melancholic vocals. The stage was set, the two guitarists Kiks and Stacy fine tuned their guitar for one last time, and their time started ticking.

Kiks started her strums and increased the intensity slowly… Anu closed her eyes and filled the arena with her heavenly phonations. The whole six minutes passed like a dream for many including the judges, and when they finished their piece, every one in the audience clapped and nodded in agreement to give away the prize right away but there were more teams to perform and AUREOLE has to wait.

“Anu that was awesome man! You did it… I just love you!”

“Not without you Kiks!”

“So let’s go find him now”

“Him? Who?”

“Ahh.. c’mon Anu, you think I did not notice your obvious admiration of that “Play Guy”? c’mon lets go find him.”

“Hey…hey… I was not admiring anyone particularly! I was just moved by the emotional performance of the actors in the play. Let’s move to the cafeteria my stomach is making all weird noises. I am glad that it was not loud enough to reach the mike”

Kiks gave a big smile and nodded her head disapprovingly. They both took a stroll towards the cafeteria, gazing at the remodeled college architecture and beautiful fountains that added beauty to the architecture. They reached the college cafeteria and filled their grumbling stomach with food of all strange names à la carte.

“Hey its time for the results, hurry up… let’s move”

“Anu, I am not done eating yet!”

“Hah… is that very important now Kiku? You have stuffed your stomach enough for 4 days. Now c’mon move it.”

“Alright… alright…” Kiks replied with an insignificant burp.

“Ewww Kiks don’t embarrass yourself here!”

They both ran as fast as they can and reached the huge arena. The Acoustics results were announced and AUREOLE doubtlessly came first! The AUREOLE girls from Alabama University jumped and rolled with joy but collected their trophies with elegance and dignity. The results were announced and the whole event came to an end.

Students were seen in groups, some were hurrying out of the college, some were taking strolls as couples, and some gathered together as groups to celebrate. Kiks and Anu decided to wait for their group of girls who were celebrating their victory.

“Kiks, do you have any idea who won the stage play?”

“Well… why do you even mind? Plays are boring for you right?!?!”

“I was wrong Kiks! Plays are very original, soulful, and very moving!” Anu blurted it out with a coy smile, exposing her lingering heart.

Kiks laughed so hard that she stopped only after a stomach cramp. Anu did not heed anything but was simply gazing at the empty water fountain in front of her when all of a sudden a familiar voice kicked her heart out.

“Hey there! You did really well!”

“What? Ummm… uggg… well... really? Thank you!” Anu chocked and managed to get a few words out of her throat

It was the same man who froze her time and plunged her in to the never before interesting genre of stage play. The same man whom she reckoned only as a dream. The same man whom she thought that she should never meet.

To be continued…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Valentine’s Day Tribute – Tides of Time

“This is amazing! I really missed this fun last year wish we win something at least this year.” Anu shouted in to Kiki’s ears. Anu and kiki are the best of friends. They were doing their second year engineering in a reputed university in Alabama. The very instant Kiki met Anu she knew that they are going to be best friends forever but time had a different plan for them.

“This is amazing! I really missed this fun last year! I wish we win something at least this year. C’mon let’s do our final practice” Anu screamed in to Kiki's ears.

“In this cacophony? No way! I don’t want to risk my throat at the last moment. Let's just relax a bit and watch these stage plays” Kiki replied.

“You are out of your mind Kiks, plays are boring as hell, and definitely not my piece of cake. Now are you coming with me for a last minute brush up or not?”

“Well… ok if you say so!”

It was the annual cultural fest of their parent university. The campus was buzzing with students, some of them were in their best formals and some in their somber shorts but one thing that was common in the air was the electrifying music from the loud speakers that echoed all around the campus. Anu and kiks was excited that they are participating in one of the most sought after cultural event in the city. Anu is an excellent singer with a dewy voice that is capable of mesmerizing anyone. She is about to participate in the acoustics and is very sure of bagging the prize this time. Both Kik and Anu rose to leave the arena to practice their last bit to perfection.

They did not take more than two steps away from where they were seated; Anu heard a shrill scream from the direction of the stage. She turned her head in awe and saw a male performer crying on stage, Anu was shocked and stunned on hearing his voice, it was loud, filled with emotions, and kindled every nerve in her. She just turned around and watched the whole play without taking her eyes away from that one guy who stole her attention away. Kik stood beside her in surprise and Anu stood frozen and drawn deep in to the stage by that one person, the one person who stood out like a full moon to her eyes.

To be continued…

The Quandary Sleeping Beauty in Me!

What I found online today stirred up a suspicion on myself “Do I have the Sleeping Beauty syndrome?” Well… come on people I am not comparing myself with the Walt Disney’s gorgeous princess - “The Sleeping Beauty”. What I am talking here is about the The Kleine Levin Syndrome, which is also called as the sleeping beauty syndrome. People affected with this disease tend to sleep for long hours that might continue for days or even weeks. Louisa Ball, a 15-year-old girl from Britain is affected by this sleeping beauty sickness. This young woman is a healthy, normal teenager unless and until this sickness is taken in to consideration. Her concerned mother says that she struggles a lot to wake her up just to make her eat something before she hits the sack again. Doctors say that there is no cure for this sickness but the affected person can gradually come out of it in due course of time, say... in a span of eight to twelve years. (That's real long doc!)

On further research, I found out that, a similar disease to the sleeping beauty sickness exist, which is called Narcolepsy. This is another sleeping disorder in which the affected person sleeps at inappropriate times like, even in the middle of driving a two wheeler. They also remain dull or tranquilized most of the time.

Hmmm… now all I wonder is, why am in between the sleeping beauty sickness and Narcolepsy? Cos of late I am always semi conscious and fall asleep at odd hours and stay awake at odd hours!!! God save me! sob sob... Good Night for Now!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Valentine's Day Fever Begins!

Just five more days left for the big red day! Shops and streets in Chennai (At least in T –nagar) will be filled with red festoons and heart shaped balloons. The city will be painted red with the overwhelming, over enthusiastic Romeos and Juliets and love is already in the air, water, earth, and yeah…Love is overtly on-line!

I have not been quite a good observer and I really do not know how Valentine's Day marked its arrival so far but this 2010, I can see quite a lot of PDAs in many online public forums like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter. Some say it subtle and some make it sound obvious. I really hope Sri Ram Sena doesn drop in here too for verbal, public display of affection! (Chuckles)

This day has become a grand festival in its own way. Some couples say every day is a Valentine's Day for us and still celebrate the special day in a more special way. Other couples spend the Valentine’s Day just like any other day! This year, the biggest challenge for many couples is that “the red day” falls on a Sunday! Some are going to find it very hard to break out of their homes and give valid reasons to escape their parent’s suspicion. However, it is going to be of a great advantage for some to have a whole day to spend with their beloved.

For me, it is going to be another lazy day at my house, watching some chick flicks and rom coms! After all, we should appreciate the efforts of HBO, Star Movies, and Sony Pix that are going to telecast a huge series of great movies this Valentine's Day shouldn’t we! ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Receding Tiger Reserve in India

Do you feel a stab in your heart when you hear that the animals you love became extinct? Well, I do! It is very painful to hear that there are only 1411 tigers left in India! I really can’t believe that we humans have become so greedy that we have pushed out national animal to near extinction. Killing tigers merely for their fur and to satisfy many hunter’s/poacher’s pride is absolutely ludicrous. We humans are going way against Mother Nature, destroying all her creations and herself for our greedy and covetous urge to live in grandeur.

When I was researching a bit on tigers I discovered that there are three species of tiger that have become extinct way back in the 1960’s they are the Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, and Caspian Tiger. In fact, I was not even able to source a couple of images of these tigers. I, from my deep heart wish that humans don’t become very cruel to banish the few thousand of the mighty cats that is left in India.

Some interesting facts about tigers

· They can grow up to 11ft tall

· They weigh up to 300Kg/660lb

· They are widely spread out in the Asian countries

· They love to swim

· They weigh heavier than Lions

· There are nine subspecies of tigers, out of which three are extinct or almost extinct

· The white tigers and the golden tabby tigers are discovered recently and are said to be hybrids

· Tiger is artificially hybrid with Lions to the new offspring called Liger

These are just simply amazing facts that bring out how unique this animal is, and what great loss it is to our country if this animal becomes extinct. People who still have some humane hearts, let’s do our part to save this majestic cat from becoming extinct. Let’s do our part to stop poaching and hunting. There are a few organizations like PETA and that are working towards this goal, let us do what we can by joining hands with them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscar Nominations 2010 – Avatar is in, for sure!

I am all excited about the Oscar nominations for the year 2010. Yes, the first and foremost reason is nonetheless “Avatar”. Yepp it’s undoubtedly fanned its way in to the list. My second favorite movie “UP” is also in the list. Oh boy, I am glad that the Oscars honor animated films for the past few years. Anyway, my presumption is that Avatar is going to bag lot of those golden men out there, a flawless victory (touch wood!).

Finally, my all time favorite - Sandra Bullok is in the nomination list of Best female actor. Awww…. She sure looks pretty even at the age of 46!

Well… let’s see what happens.