Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hush! I am a Daffodil

I walked through a sea of daffodils that carpeted a range of mountain hills

The wind swayed a petal that landed on my hand very subtle

It hissed in to my ears “Listen to my tears

Dear woman, I was born in a happy plant with no big clamant

I budded with my fellow daffs with all fun and laughs

When I was about to bloom my mom said never gloom for I will depart to glorify a stranger’s room

The time came to depart, but I left just a part, my heart

Tell me woman, are we not common?”

I retorted with a smile…

Yes dear daffodil, we come from a beautiful valley of love

From there we part leaving behind our heart

But dear daffodil wherever we go…

We spread the joy and happiness until we leave the stranger in loneliness!

We have things in common, we are common, and we are women!


  1. Dabbling into poetry, Varsh. Excellent start!

    A wonderful ode to women. Masked behind the bright cherfulness is the untold pain. But so much joy to give and so much happiness to spread. Long live your breed.


  2. Awesome one :),.. So Wats the flip side of THESE Daffodils?????? Try writin on the New gen gals :),.. Show strengths in ur poems!!!!!! Say u guys are not always soft n gentle n sacrificin,.... Write somethin Kick Ass:) Show some power,.. Afta all u wrote it for Womens day!!!!!!!!

  3. he he.. wait for it smoke!!!

  4. Liked the undertones of pathos
    in the lines. Keep going!!

  5. @Lostsoul: Thank you!!! :)

  6. Inspiring poem... n as always i'm inspired this time too... :)

  7. @Tumaini: Thanks a lot!!! :)

  8. OMG! It is awesome varshaaaaaaaaaa!! very inspiring!

  9. @DD: Thank you soo much dear :)

  10. @Wildflower: Thank you! :)

  11. I accepted what you have written here. :) To your question on my blog, it is not multiple exposure. I just created it through Photoscape, a kind of phostoshop.

  12. very nice..i dint know you write so well..

  13. @humanobserver: Gracious! ;)
    Alright.. i will check out that application now :)

  14. @Beat99: Thanks!!! sometimes mistakes happen ;)

  15. mistakes are beautiful..

  16. me the stranger..
    and always lonely..
    the beautiful flower came in my life..
    and made it so cheerful..
    now left..
    me feel the deepest of my lonliness..

    me will not crumble like the pedal..
    that too part of the life..
    (very nice feel of urs..)


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