Monday, July 5, 2010

At last, it’s here - My 50th blog post!

I never knew it would take such a long time for me to reach my 50th blog post. Well, blame it on my ruthless work or my reckless laziness; it took me sooo long to reach this place!

I started my blog with the sole intention of owning a piece of the virtual world. However, I ended up creating a world of my own where I can have my own dragons and fairies to ride, a place where I can smoothly cast away my emotions in the gutter of words. A space that takes me out of desolation and hurls me in to the surreal land of dancing words, words on which I build a stronger…immune… world for my wandering thoughts and myself.

To all my readers, fellow bloggers, and friends: Thanks for being a part my world! And yes… This is my 50th post and there are more to come before I sleep, more to come before I sleep ^_^


  1. At last I made it to be the first person to comment on ur blog... everytime I try that but never works!!

    Anyways...Babes... congrats...!! Expecting more catchy stories and especially heart melting poems from u through your blog!! :)

  2. @DD: Yepp... hope my brain works properly :) Thank u soo mych DD ma ;)

  3. congrates..
    just read a lot..
    fix a style for you..
    and as ususal wrote - CHEERFULLY..

  4. Happy 50th!!!!! I know the great feeling! I hope soon you'll update us about your 100th post! Keep them flowing ;-)

  5. Hey thats good will wait for the 100th post update :)

  6. Congrats!!
    May you hit a ton soon!!

  7. @Neha: Thank u Neha! ^_^
    @Varsh: thank u :)
    @Latha: a ton? ^_^ thank uuu

    am soo glad.. u guys are so encouraging! :) thanks a lotttt :)

  8. many many congrats ! I also liked your new look :)

  9. Yo!! Congrats...
    Keep Going!!


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