Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who is here to stay?

Everything, everyone will leave me someday

Sprinkling darkness over all that is now gay

Stranding me all alone, until tears roll down my cheeks

Breaking my heart, snubbing all its creaks

Everything, everyone will leave

Leave me only with grieve

Who is here to stay... what is here to stay...

While I stay with nothing but my rue to exist!


  1. "Who is here to stay... what is here to stay..."

    nice one..
    life is here to stay -
    whether we are there or not..
    we are the child of her -
    though she not care abt us -
    we could watch her with
    wide opened eyes -
    even without a blink..

  2. "Who is here to stay?"...I too have this question popping in my mind often.I just convince it saying that she will come by when the time is right.May be u can try that...

    While I stay with nothing but my rue to exist!..........avlo enna pheelings ?

  3. @Arvind: yea.. life is here to stay but who stays in "tat" life is the million $ ? :)

    @Rishabh: She'll come by but will she stay? lol was kidding :)
    chumma random meaningless but meaningful pheelings... ;)

  4. That was deep!
    Turned philosophical..

    The sooner we realize and accept that
    we are always, and will always be alone
    in the true sense of the word,
    we can curb our expectations
    and get on with our lives,
    more at peace with ourselves.

  5. just enjoy the life..
    that too in ur way - with cheerful..
    (always me feel - u r cheerful)

    just enjoy the LIFE cheerfully, joyfully..

    why to stay here so long?

  6. @Latha: i totally agree!!! i am in the learning stage :) i'll learn soon :)

  7. @Arvind: I wrk in extremes ;)

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  9. forget to add:

    be sorrowful for what you lost..
    but never afraid of it..

    always be grateful to the nature..

  10. Leave letter nalla irunducu :P :)

  11. Leave letter a??? innum school la yae irukeenga brother! :D

  12. Leavenu irundadaala conpuse aagiten sister :(

  13. there are many things tat constantly stays with us... loneliness just mesmerises it...

  14. I'm so much impressed with you. Awe-inspiring! Very beautiful lines :) may i have the permission to use these lines please?

  15. @Ajay: Thanks ^_^
    yupp you can use it bro...slighta gimme credits na ;)

  16. Of course, with due credits :) After all, you are the writer.

  17. hey waiting..... (for ur nxt blog ofcourse)

  18. that was deep:) m pretty impressed with ua works. keep writing, il stick around to see more of yours


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