Friday, August 19, 2011

Golden Word Heh?

“Maths is life! Do not ignore it dear, please take it up as one of your subject in Junior College” said my senior at school. I did understand what he said, but the fact is that I just had a total aversion towards maths (I think i have arithmophobia! O_o). So I went on… led a life without bothering much about maths for all these NINE years. Now, I can’t help but recollect the phone conversation I had with my senior when I heard, “I think I should reconsider my relationship with you, considering your terrible maths!” from my guy! Okay senior, now I get it… looks like maths has the power to determine everything! Uuff!!! Watta life man!


  1. Well you are emotional not calculative! your guy should be happy about it :P

  2. Ya man its true because guys are insecure with brainy girls around them. Truth of life. Point is we don't make them insecure. So I am planning to learn math from scratch after all.....

  3. @vid: Tat was a good one! unfortunately they don think like that!
    @rums: good :) we should start it right away! ;)


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