Sunday, September 4, 2011


Watching a Thamizh movie in a cinema hall is a complete NO NO in my list. Yet, I watched Mankatha for a few reasons such as I was totally vetti, I sensed depression is slowly getting on me, I didn’t go home this weekend (I really should have! Am angry on myself for that!), and I promised my Bengali friend that I will take her to a Thamizh movie! Also, I was curious to find out if Ajith has imitated George Cloony throughout the movie. (Thank fully he has not. But, he does resemble him in some angles) I actually loved his natural greys and honestly appreciate it too ^_^ Mannn…some men become more handsome as they age ;)

So ya… this is no movie review. I spent 150 bucks on this movie and enjoyed watching:

The dash of comedy by Premji – He kind of repeats his dialogs and dialog delivery style in every movie. However, it tickled a laugh out of me.

Ashwin kakumanu – His obvious good acting skills and extreme good looks kept me glued to my chair ;) (Boy, how did I not notice this guy in Nadunisi Naygal?!?! )

Vhaibav Reddy– A Tan skinned, fully bearded, average height guy with cute little eyes portrayed as a Romantic and SINCERE HUSBAND! :D (If we minus the “duh… he was a thug in the movie!” part, he’s my kinda fantasy guy :D) Boy Vhaibav, you are getting better and better at your acting : ) keep up the good work boy! ; )

Trisha – This lady is ever so gorgeous! Though she was not given much of a screen space, I Luved her costumes and the lady herself ;) she is beautipul for sure!

If you think this post is more of a “drool over”, it is completely Mr. Venkat Prabu’s fault! Oh yes, the story was totally predictable, the music was a great disappointment, same pubbing, clubbing, alcohol, smoking, gals in bikinis or almost bikinis…. Ufff am a bit tired of watching that crap!

Summing it up, two nice looking guys and a gorgeous lady on screen, a dash of comedy by premji, and a cup of coffee in a dark theatre with two office pals is not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening! :D


  1. Good! Thanks to you i'll be watching a tamil movie after a long time :)

  2. Ashwin is gorgeous! I noticed him in NN.. I was heart broken when was was killed on screen (in both the films)!

    And Ajith's saltnpepper hair rocks!


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