Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poison Ivy

A cloud of darkness twined around,
the hidden evil is now expound.

My sweet evil gardner...

You watered my poison ivy,
with a smile so dewy.
The flower is about to bloom,
now, why do you gloom?

This isn't the time to renounce,
it's too late to trounce!
The darkness is all around,
i just cannot keep it impound!

My sweet evil gardner!
This ain't an ignoble weed,
you'll regret if you let it bleed!


  1. LOL :) I kno the solution U kno the solution Everyone Knows the solution but they wud just not accept the FACT that they kno!! But its always nice to put up desires in the form of words, poetry in this case :)

    Liked the Poison Ivy part! But its always better tto be the predator than to be the PREY :P THE Gardner Scores \m/

  2. sammy.....yay! u commented! :)
    Poetry is a great way to clear up! ;)

  3. awwww.. even though it sounded like a little warning u r giving to someone! :P


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