Saturday, November 7, 2009

Concert cacophony!

Do all organizations conduct some kinda celebration/get together/ competition for every big festival? Well... I dunno tat but this diwali was supposed to be humiliating one for me. But the funny thing was tat I was Numb! (Thank god!). I thought of giving a solo vocal performance in a big office get together…. But I really dunno how 3 more cacophonic dames joined me... it all got spoilt! I could barely hear my voice in the recorded audio. The theory behind this is that I hav a base voice and the other dames had… I dunno maybe something similar to a wolf’s howl?!?!?! Well… all in the game! There are people who can be loud but not sanely loud. So if you are sane but not loud jus try to be wit the sane group or try to increase ur volume! This not only applies for my “Concert cacophony” but also in life!

Well… there is always a next time!

C ya!


  1. @Pavan: Yea i sing in all weird ways!! ;)

  2. I would like to hear recorded voice...
    Will this continue for upcoming occasions...

  3. @Vasir: guess... u can find the recorded version!!! upcomin occasions?? ummm.... welll i might if ppl let me to ;)


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