Monday, November 9, 2009

November Rain

November rain is always associated with the pleasant aroma that is emitted by the earth, the freshness that is rejuvenated by the monsoon showers, and the bright flowers decorated with dew drops! But that was what I only read and heard about monsoon rains. As far as I could remember of rains in India, rain always gives raise to issues like flood, diseases, water logging on roads, muddy streets, destroyed crop fields, broken trees on road, broken electric wires, and accidents! I might have missed out many other common issues birthed by rain in my country. Out of all the problems, the one problem I consider the stupidest is the accidents caused by open manholes! In the past few decades at least five civilians die falling in to an open manhole every monsoon! Well… five is just a random count, there could be more than five, believe me! Fortunately this year (2009) one such accident is not in news till now! Though this is just the start of the monsoon I am just praying that at least this time the government is a wee bit responsible enough to close all the open man holes on the roads.

As for me… I use a bike to commute. And that doesn’t mean I am having a problem free monsoon. As I said before, the roads are flooded and every morning I start my bike with a heavy heart because I have to force it to work as a boat, waddling through the puddles on the bumpy roads. Every time I hold the clutch tight to stop my bike a few inches away from the other vehicles my bike screams outta pain. Can’t blame my bike! It is in fact the slippery roads that make it hard for my bike to stop at the right time! Not to mention the few ten heads that turn around to look at me anticipating a bump or fall!

It is only in the movies girls dance and sing in the rain. In reality monsoon showers create quite a mess! Ito be honest I don’t hate rain totally. But to welcome and enjoy the rain to the fullest either our country has to have proper amenities to handle rain water or the monsoon showers have to be minimal! Both options are definitely void in this era! So I’ll just get over it and keep following Darwin’s survival of the fittest.


  1. a rain is there
    not because of manholes, roads, drainage, traffics etc

    but because for the flowers, birds, animals, trees and for us too..

    just few months - just enjoy that..
    its a free water fall!

  2. @Arvind: Ha ha... yeah... i can enojoy if i hav no going out business like office and vegetable shopping!!! u dunno how dirty it gets!


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