Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Dogs and Cute Girls

Today I had a teeny-weeny bit of the weirdest discussion c.a.k.a. argument with my buddy “Smoke” that is, is Ms. Konkana Sen Sharma hot or cute? My friend came with an unexpected answer, “She is hotttt!” (Duh!!!) And my counterargument was the obvious truth… she is not hot dude but cute! (Well… how many of you guys agree with me? Raise your hands ;))

This beautiful lady is birthed in the beautiful land begal of course! Bengal for many years now is a synonym for two things, one - rasagoula (an Indian delicacy that gives ecstasy), two – Bengal maidens (pale or dusky belles who gives ecstasy, only to the men’s eyes). Maybe smoke got carried away with the fact that Ms. KSS is a Bengali!

Let alone the argument part, the highlight of the conversation: psstt… I was dumbstruck (Visualize: jaws dropped) when he counter argued my “Cute cannot be hot buddy, they are two different things!” with his example “A puppy can be cute, girls can only be hot not cute! So you cannot call a dog “hot dog” and a girl “cute girl”!!!!” I KNOW!!!! THAT’S THE ULTIMATE SEED FOR THIS BLOG ENTRY!!! NO STONES PLZ!

And… courtesy smoke for the big bright topic you tickled out of my brain!


  1. KSS I Believ Is Hot!!!!!!!!!! Jus Lik A 'Puppy' :) is Always Cute!!!!!!!!! Now lets jus say '"Hotdogs" and "Cute Gals"' are wat a guy wants :)

  2. not hot..
    not cute..
    just expressive..
    very expressive..

    the personality is not alone of looks..
    the deceiveness is act!


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