Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life without Vitamin CP (Cell Phone)?

I cannot imagine my life without a cell phone now! Seriously, I feel a cell phone is very very important in my life. It’s my deary reminder that reminds me some important “things-to-do” (If not for these reminders, I will be subjected to the screams and scowls of my mum and dad), an alarm, to wake me up every morning (The task even my mommy dearest gave up, AND without an alarm… I guess I’ll wake up only by noon everyday!). In addition, I could listen to some music whenever I get bored or tensed. I can even take some snaps of anything that catches my eye on the way, in my office, or wherever!!!

Albeit the uses of a cell phone are not limited to a cauldron, I now doubt whether they are really useful because I met a colleague of mine, who said, “I don’t use a cell phone, cos I felt I don’t need one” (Mr.S’nan, I am truly dumb struck! Hats off to you!) He must be in his late 20’s and is married! (People note – “MARRIED”) My big doubt is… how can he manage things without a cell phone? (Won’t his wife want him to buy some emergency grocery? Veggies? Or anything for that matter?!?!?) He uses the public transport to commute; won’t he get bored at all? (NO, he doesn’t have an iPod either!)

Now, THE BIG QUESTION IS…can I do a day…err... may be a week without a cell phone??!?!?! The answer is an obvious NO!

How many of YOU have tried living sans cell phone at least for a week?


  1. I guess most of us are addicted to the cell phone, and I have met the one's who think they dont need one. i get so bored somtimes that i play with the ringtones! why dont you try it, like a day without phone!!

  2. Hey, surprising I chose to write about the mobile today on my blog-albeit on an entirely different theme.
    " My big doubt is… how can he manage things without a cell phone?"
    That must be his survival technique-'never reachable':)

  3. @Pavan: Yepp.. i am planning to try tat! ;)

  4. @Latha: Yes, i jus read urs... super coincidence!
    and yea.. . not having a cell phone could be good escapism!!!

  5. Like you, I can't live without a cell phone.

  6. @Humanobserver: Sooper... hi5 ;)

  7. ho my god..
    without cell phone everything is wonderful..

    can chat with my wife for long hours (moon gazing!)
    can just listen the words of the birds..
    and will enjoy the sunset (no need for photograph)

    no work pressure.. no committment with dead lines..

    what's the wrong to sleep till noon? (try it a day..)

    a cell phone is second wife.. at times need to be avoided!!!

  8. @Arvind: Thanks!!!
    Guess i will try to survive a day without the little devil - Cell Phone! ;)

  9. i dont have a phone lol

  10. @Anonymous: That's really tuf and kudos for that! ;)


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