Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Notebook - Watched it over and over but it still remains fresh!

The Notebook, for some reason is the one of the best movies I have ever watched. It is completely worth every dime and time you spend! Oh boy! Do guys like Noah Calhoun (Played by the handsome, Ryan Gosling) really exist now? Or is it only in the “long long ago, so long ago” era?

Well, the movie did not have any major glitch. (Even if it had, it deflected from my tear-filled eyes…he he). Just like the Kollywood and Bollywood movies our poor hero, Noah meets the rich, beautiful, city bred girl, Allie (Played by Rachel Mc Adams).

Noah is naughty, flattering, and falls crazily in love with Alley. Predictably, how can any girl resist such a charming lad? Yes, Little Miss. Alley falls in love with Noah, and yeah… they hang out, have fun, ultimately, they are crazzzzy about each other.

Now just as expected (from an Indian movie though!), Alley’s mom is totally against this love, calls it puppy love, and sends her off to school, out her love’s reach. After 7 years of separation, Ally returns to the same old town with her fiancé – Lon (Played by James Marsden). She meets Noah again and finds out that he is still crazily in love with her. Well… again little miss sunshine couldn’t resist his magnetic love…falls for him again! This time, she struggles, realizes what she really wants in her life (With help of Noah, of course) and puts her foot down that her life is with Noah.

All is well, but the real sweetness unfolds when the director shows how the couple lives when they turn 60. Alley falls in to a strange memory sickness and loses all the sweet memories of their love, marriage life, and Noah but old Noah’s love for her only increases. The movie has a sad but a satisfying climax! (No other climax would have been perfect!)

“True love is eternal”


  1. i haven't seen this movie... will try to get it sometime.

    In romantic comedy, i liked 50 first dates... again same message as in this movie... "True love is eternal" :)

  2. You should watch it u knw.... 50 first dates is a chick flick but this is "romance/drama"....

  3. "After 7 years of separation" -
    me feel - at love the time gets least botheration..
    only the feelings may get botheration..

    cute - "note book.."
    but appreciate - u understand the longings of Noah..

    "nvr late in a love"

  4. hmm..not enuff spice in the story

  5. c'mon pavan... its not our Indian masala flick...
    y do u say not enuf spice?

  6. i might have given the wrong impression by using "spice" lol..well cuz the story is quite predictable except for the climax. may be my opinion will change when i actually watch it.. ;)

  7. @Pavan: You haven't watched it? I din know that!!! Well... Do come bak and comment after u watch it ;)

  8. That's one beautiful story! Have loved some of Sparks' stories like hell. ' A walk to remember' and 'the notebook' being just two of them and luckily have loved both the books turning into cinema as well!

    Used to feel that Sparks was unnecessarily romantic but oh boy is he? Have changed my stance since….. ^-^

    Somehow got reminded of another movie... not visibly romantic but under the folds extremely touching and beautiful; Iris, the Winslet and Judi Dench starrer.

  9. Nice review to recollect the story for things like me which have seen the movie long long ago but it seems like you actually let out the whole story and without even a spoiler alert!! :)..
    But for those who have not seen this... you must watch this one for that half hr in which the couple hangout for a 'whole' day...
    Notebook, walk to remember and Hitch are my all time favs..

  10. @Leks: I haven watched tat movie yet.. but i am downloading it right away! ;)

  11. Well...well..... like you, every girl in this world is crazy about this movie :)

  12. @Humanobserver: I knoww :) cos many gals, deep inside their heart, wants a life like tat, i guess ;)

  13. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    U are true :)

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