Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gosh!!! Kids now days!!!

Today when I stepped out to pick the morning papers, (don get me wrong here! I never wake up early… jus that my mom forgot to pick the papers today; she was busy screaming to get me outta bed;)) I noticed some new people in the house opposite to ours . The lady of the house smiled at me and asked me to come over to give some pooja prasadham. When we were busy introducing ourselves, her son came in at jet speed and crashed on her legs.

The following was the conversation between my neighbor’s 5ish old son and me:

Me: (To his mom) choo cute…What’s his name?

His Mom: Sai Karthik

Me: (softly pinchin his chubby cheeks) Chooo cute! Nice name!

Sai: I am not cute I am smart!

Me: ooooh.. okay you are smart and cute!

Sai: (angrily) NO! I am not cute… cute are gals… you cute not me!

Me: O_o’ he he thanks!

Sai: But I won’t say you are beautiful! You are just cute! There is difference... know?

Me: ~@_@~ Oh Yesh!!! Alrite junior romeo!!! You know a lot!!! Me gotta go now! we'll discuss about this in the evening ;) Taaatah!

Sai: Taaatah! (In the same tone and modulation as mine with some chuckles!)

Gosh!!! Kids now days!!!


  1. Hehe..
    Looks like he won't be 'single!' for too long :)

  2. @Aj: he he.. yeah... and i guess i wont be his GF... cos he doesn think i am beautiful :P lol

  3. Yeah, kids are no longer kids these days
    Some brats can be really obnoxious!

  4. Hahahaha... so how was date in the evening? ;)

    By the way, guess you went there n got the prasad with ur sleepy face... i can understand y he said ur not beautiful... :P LOLzzz

  5. just read a joke:

    mum: who is "Mother Terasa"?
    kid: donno
    mum: just follow the History book carefully - u may know..
    after a long pause..
    kid: who is "Meena"?
    mum: donno
    kid: just follow the Dad carefully - u may know!!

  6. Latha: I totally agree!!! I really dunno what the kids of these kids will turn in to! :D

    @Tum: Yea i was soooper sleepy only! thanks for citing tat as a reason ;) :P And the date??? i refused the date cos there was not enuf space in his tricycle ;)

    @Arvind: Wat can i say?!?! :)

  7. accept - "u r beautiful"
    and fight with that boy..

    all fights may have happy ending!!!

  8. @Arvind: You want me to fight wit a 5 yr old kid?!?! lol
    i'll try though :P

  9. Hello Varshaa. Dropped in here after a long time. Kids these days! They've become super smart. Now they know of things we didn't have any inkling about. Growing up too fast is not good. I like the new look of your blog :)

  10. @Ajay: Yuppp.. growing too fast is so not good :) i feel thy lose their innocent childhood... they become adults so soon! and thanks.. glad you like the new look :)

  11. Karthiknu per vachaale ipdi thaan pola.. :P

  12. @Karthik: Rombo correct a soneenga! :)

  13. vry soon he mght propose to u... use snowy has ur bodyguard...he he he

  14. @Jesse: thanks... but i am way too old for him.... wel wel wel... u knw snowy? but i couldn recogonize ur name!?!?

  15. u better b careful wid him here on in:)dat'l save a lotta regrets

  16. @Vivek: save a lotta regrets? :) how many ways can i interpret this!?!? ;)


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