Monday, August 2, 2010

One Wrong Turn

I knew it was a bad idea to start at this time, but she just wouldn’t listen to me. I did not want to press it on her more because I knew she loved Korean music. She often tells me that sitting on the steep Prism Gallery and listening to the shards of music thrown from the strings and tight hides takes her into a beautiful trance.

“Please come with me Peter, the weather report said there will be no snow storm today. C’mon don’t make me beg! You said you will come with me to the concert this year!”

“Oh boy why are you so adamant Iris?” I furrowed my brows and caught her eyes that were chained to my face. She was ignoring all the negative signs and was waiting for that small bit of an expression that will give her a yes. “Alright, give me the keys, I will drive. “

“That’s my Peter Teeter!” She hugged me and gave a warm peck on my cheek. I don’t mind being the devil, to let her beg just to see her sweet puppy dog face ad this warm hug. Oh boy! I love it when she behaves like a 5 year old. I have never seen her behave this way with any other man or woman. The Iris others know of is a strong headed, hardworking, professional. I am the only privileged soul to see the fun side of her, and I love every bit of it.

The instant I started my car, the snowfall became heavier. She jerked her shoulders and gave me a coy smile. “Okay, I am taking you there no matter what!” I said that though all I wanted to do was to sit at home and have a bottle of beer.

Why am I doing this? Well, Iris and I know each other for two years now. No, we are not seeing each other; I won’t call us friends either! Yet, we are there for each other when we want a shoulder to lean or a silent ear to listen to all our nonsensical talks. We share the deepest of our secrets and we are what we actually want to be with each other’s company. We share a special bond that has no name or definition. I broom away all my lame and lazy excuses for her and I don’t regret anything that I give up for her.

Shadows grow so long before my eyes
And they're moving across the page
Suddenly the day turns into night
Far away from the city
But don't hesitate 'cuz your love won't wait
Ooh baby I love your way (everyday)
Wanna tell you I love your way
Wanna be with you night and day
Moon appears to shine and light the sky
With the help of some fireflies
I wonder how they have the power to shine, shine, shine
I can see them under the pine
But don't hesitate'cuz your love won't wait…..

The stereo cried one of our favorite songs. We started singing in tune with the stereo. Iris tried to dance a bit in the squeezed space, inside my old Chevy. We were singing and laughing aloud like a drunk couple, may be that was why I din’t notice the truck. May be that was why I forgot that the road was more slippery that night. May be that was why i took the wrong turn... No, it was my mistake and I will never get her back now; I should have never listened to her… I should have stayed home, snuggling her, holding her tight…not letting her go… not letting her go….I should have stayed home... Iris please come back... Iris...

“Calm down sir, you will be fine soon.” “Aren’t the trauma care unit here yet? What are you doing Ross? listening to some kinda family drama story? Get your ass moving call those lazy buckos and ask them to hurry up.”

Calling A1O…Steve…there is an accident reported in four-west downing road… do you copy… repeat… four-west downing road…

“Holy Christ! It’s a long…long… day Ross. Did you call the fools or not???”


  1. Just loved reading this.really good.

    "I don’t mind being the devil.............. I am the only privileged soul to see the fun side of her, and I love every bit of it."

    I would like doing that to someone.

  2. Nice. But when it's that cold outside, a beer is not something very optimal. I'd reach for the 'hard stuff' :D

  3. @Rishabh: Thanks :) I would like to do tat to someone too...too bad guys don come in kids packages ;)

    @Vamsee:Thanks.... guess i have to develop my GK on these stuff :) ;)

  4. That was good
    Somehow reminded me of 'Love Story'

  5. Latha: I jus read the plot... it's watchin this movie this week :) thanks for tat ;)

  6. Sniff Sniff. I don't like sad endings :(

  7. 'Shadows grow so long before...'
    Where are these lines from? An actual song or u made it?

  8. @AJ: actual song :) i am not tat much an expert yet :)

  9. Kadasile polachaangala illaya? :O

  10. @Katthik: Idhuku paer than Open Ending! ;) neengale adhae nenaichu thalaya odaichukalaam ella odaikaamalum polam ;) :P epdi?

  11. hey one of ur best da... actually i flt the warmth of the rltn and the coldness of the accidnt... felt it bcme too narrative after a point tats my only reservation....

  12. @Max: this coming frm U is a big deal! Thanks!!! and ya...cant help the "too narrative" part :D


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