Monday, December 6, 2010

You Hurt Me!

I have read and heard a lot of people say that “You don’t get hurt unless you let someone hurt you”. Well… there are two ways of looking at it. One, you become so curt a person that you don’t let them talk anything that will ever hurt you. The second way is, whatever crap they give you, you just smile, let it trespass your earlobes to the other ear, and finally out of your entire system.

According to many….If you are the former they say you are good to go! A strong headed, confident person maybe! But if you are the later, you are not a confident person, an easy prey for others to take advantage of! Or someone who cannot speak up for themselves when someone is tearing them up for their own pleasure!

I totally disagree : ) just try to be the later…. You know how many nerves and muscles are put to test! How difficult it is to be “The Saint” ^_^

Your system imbibes patience only with the passage of time! Maybe that’s why I feel sooooo old!!! ^_^

P.S: This might sound like a filler! I really need to get into the "blog bloggin" sooon!!! : )


  1. Being the latter has advantages... Though the person may be taken for granted, he/she will rarely be the topic of backbiting!! :) Especially in a corporate, this helps a lot to build the nice 'flexible' person character! Been there and seen it happen!!

  2. @Vira: Very very true!!! even in personal life it holds tight! :)

    @Arvind: Thank you so much :)

  3. Oye..ur 100% correct....but its tough playing the saint...;)

  4. @Rishabh: yeppp.. damn tuff it is sir!!! ^_^ so tried bein one? :)

  5. Hey! welcome back :)But it very tough to play mother teresa needs lot of patience, but yes u have to be a MT in a corporate world :(. I am learning....

  6. Ya rums.. sometimes it's frustrating... :) but in corporate u def need it :)

  7. u hurt me..
    and made a deep cut in my heart..
    very deep cut..

    but thank you..

    now the flow of blood in my heart is so deep
    and me living a deeper life..

    (your heading induce me..)

  8. Maybe a balance between the two. Neither the former or the latter, in between.

  9. @Anil: If only balancing was that easy! :)


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