Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It feels like I almost forgot to write! But today, I felt it’s about time! So, here it goes…my first impressions of the city that I now live in.

For a moment, it appeared as if the tall sky scrapers where held straight by golden stings that pierced through the clouds. The vast mass of coconut trees, cheerfully danced with the wind. At a distance, I was able to see only a little of the large lake, brilliantly reflecting the dusky orange and maroons of the sun. The pet hump of the city, the Nandhi hills was swirled by foggy clouds. A couple of Kites went in circles, looking for their prey. And a flock of bright green birds flew against the direction of the fiery wind.

This is a magnificent view that I see every evening from the top of my office building. I didn’t realize that this place is actually beautiful until today! Hopefully this place will be one source of inspiration that will keep my blog going!
Cheers to b’lore!

~The Rain Crab


  1. Interesting.. Don't worry, this city will treat you just fine (if you choose to ignore the overpriced movie tickets and trollish weather).. and let's meet woman :)

  2. hyderabad! but after a long time - a nice post..

  3. Bangalore ?! Beautiful ?! Hmm.. I will wait to see that.

  4. Wow Varsh! finally u said hi to ur bloggy :)
    muaaaah! And I am waiting for my cheers to blore!

  5. Hi! Glad you found my hometown beautiful :)

  6. @ Vid: Bangalore is beautiful if seen in parts ;) nothing can beat chennai!

    @Rums: i will be blogging mre hopefuly!

    @Puma: It is indeed! at least from my office window ;)


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