Saturday, July 16, 2011


I wish I could pull down the blinds

On all ye curious minds

With all questions piercing me like lances

I can’t answer taking my chances

For life is so uncertain

Who knows what’s behind the curtain!

The overwhelming amount of uncertainties that life brings does not make it even a bit interesting. “Live the moment, life is fun”, some say. However, in my opinion, it is just a trick to cheat your brain from sinking into the swirl of confusions, boredom, and worries. Perhaps I feel that way because I am now living all by my own, swirled by uncertainties. Every single person I meet somehow ends up popping a question for which my possible answers will be “mmm…I am not sure!” or “uugghhh…I have nooo idea!”

I did not get into what those questions are because for now I have no answers for anything! My temporary objective is not to live the moment but to let it pass…waiting for that moment which can give me some answers! (Am tired scratching my brain you see!)


  1. Gal... u r thinking too much :)Go shopping!

  2. :) am not at all thinking.... ppl are provoking to! :D at least they help me come up wit a poem ;)


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