Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Away

Staying away from parents is not an easy job. At least not for someone like me! All my life I have been guided by my mom. My dad mostly leaves things to me. He believes in the concept, “You reap what you sow, I have given you life and education. You now know what to do with your life”. On the other hand, my mom is concerned, over concerned I should say. To be exact, she fears that we shouldn’t go out of the name, morals and ethics that our family has displayed so far. Now, that’s why she plays the role of our (me and my brother’s) life guide.

The moment I stepped out of my house to peruse my life and career. Hell came down, I was always named a “rebel” in my peace loving family and now they called this “the ultimatum”. After all initial “don’t go dear” followed by “Get lost, never come back!” it’s finally peace now (at least that is what I assume!)

After all that, here I am, writing how difficult life is without you ma. It’s not the comfort of home I am talking about; it’s your company and warmth that I miss. I miss doing all those home chores that you would have to yell ten times for me to do. I really do miss that. I miss the way you feed me when I rush to office in the morning. I miss taking you for a drive. I miss calling you from the super market to read out the list of grocery that I always forget at home. I miss you yelling at me for not picking the dried clothes before it gets wet in the rain. I miss your face-to-face polambals. I miss your chella kovams.

It’s been quite a while I saw your pretty face and I feel life is so lonely already! No one in this world can put up with me but you ma. I miss you so very much. I know you will never read this, still, someday you will know that I am not happy being away from you. But I have to stay put for a little while. As you say I learn by burning my fingers, let me burn it a little more. When this episode winds up, I will have some stories to tell. You will have your, ever happy to say, “I told you so!” to tell.


  1. WOoof! Parents, i say!! Can't live with them. Can't live without them. :P

    You have to learn to live alone, no parents like it. But trust me, they are the proudest when you make it.

  2. me..birds of the same feather flock weekend..its u n me :D N well its my bday that way as well :P

  3. Varshaaaaaa... Come back home :D... but still dont!! me was a chicken, but i know u r a tiger (I cudnt think of anything else stronger than chicken rather than tiger... sorry abt that!!) U will grow strong and learn a lot.. Its just a phase and it will move on.. and when u come out of it, u wud have turned to a new leaf!! :D (lol! I cant believe I am saying this!!)

  4. ho..
    the tone changes..
    the tree is growing..
    (another mother is on the offering.. lol)

  5. Go, see the world. You'll never regret it. :)

  6. :) I ain't no Ph.D in anythin yet to "Go, see the world" so easily! :)


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