Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On a Rainy Night...

The place was deserted, justifying the unusual eerie silence. Faint footsteps of a pair of boots came closer and closer. It was clear that someone is nearing. Yet, Tammy refused to move her head away from her computer screen.

“Hey, haven’t you left yet?” a bright clear voice hit her from behind. It was Vishwanth, her manager.

“Damn Vish, you startled me! Your laptop was nowhere to be seen so I thought you left.”

“I gave my laptop for an upgradation and went for a smoke break. So why are you staying late? Well… I don’t remember assigning you a Solitaire game to play!!!.” Vishwanth peeped into her computer screen with his trademark “naughty” smile.

“Ah! Don’t worry boss I sent my review to the onshore team. They’ll take a week to get back on that. Don’t tell me that you have extra work for me now!” Tammy clutched her lips with disappointment.

“ha ha… no Tam, definitely not on a Friday evening. Why are you staying late playing Solitaires anyway?”

“Vish, I guess you are losing your memory. I had applied for a week off and you approved it yesterday. Remember?”

“Oh… yea I remember. Days pass so fast! So, all set for your vacation? What time is your flight?”

“It’s at eleven. I thought I can hang around for a while because It’ll take days to travel from my apartment to the airport.”

“At eleven? Are you kidding me? I think you have to start now. My brother said the traffic is pretty bad today. A truck rammed into a car and vehicles are moving at the speed of an inch per hour!”

“What? Damn! Okay see you then. I will hurry up.” Tammy clicked the shutdown button without even closing her game of Solitaires. She dumped her headphones, notepad, and pen into her already stuffed travel pack and loaded it on her back.

“Tam, wait up! I will drop you.” Vishwanth pulled his car keys out of his loose jeans pocket.

Tammy froze. “Vish dropping me? In his car? I had to sit beside him for more than an hour? That will be a nightmare!”

She said “nightmare” because she had a huge crush on Vishwanth from the day he threw his charming smile at her. Every time Vish calls her to discuss work. Her heart will start pumping more than it should. There are days that she was tempted to ask for a change of project just because she couldn’t take her eyes off him during every discussion.

“…..and now he is asking me to travel with him for more than an hour? What if I keep ogling at him and he finds my little secret out? Damn! It looks like a good offer but NO Tam, DO NOT take it!”

“Tammy, why on earth are you looking like a freaked out puppy? Come on it’s getting late”

“Errr… I will take a rick. Ricks are smaller and they can zip zap zoom in this kind of traffic. Moreover you stay in the other side of the city. I don’t want to trouble you”

“Oh come on Tam, it started raining too. It’s a very bad idea to take a rick now. I really don’t mind travelling. I love driving and you know that!”

“Duh…In this mind wrecking traffic too?

“Now come on! Don’t waste time. I am sure rick is not a good option. You wanna go home or not? Your call!”

“agrr… fine I agree. Drop me please boss!”

“ha ha… alright then. Move fast”

Down in the parking, Vishwanth helped Tammy settle her huge back pack in the rear seat of the car while Tammy kept biting her nails, praying that she shouldn’t do anything stupid that will give him a hint of her crush.

Vishwanth, the gentleman he is, pulled the door open for Tammy. “Now stop biting your nails like a kid. I will make sure you catch the flight. No worries!”

Tammy smiled and slid inside the brand new BMW. “Geez… how can he afford such a car! His parents must be rich. Real bad idea to have a crush on a rich guy. Now I can be confident that he is not ‘my type’ Tammy will never go after rich men! Can never trust them you see!”

“Hey Tam, you are unusually silent! Still worried?” Vishwanth asked with the same old amile that Tammy can never resist.

“Nice car!” Tammy almost screamed unsteadily.

“That’s not an answer! Anyway, thanks! This is not my car. It’s my brother’s. I am planning to buy a Black Corolla in a couple of months”

“That’s a great choice!” Tammy sounded pretty unnatural to him. She was almost sticking to the door like a lizard, very consciously avoiding any small physical contact.

The rain subsided slowly and the roads showed no sign of traffic. “looks like your traffic update is not accurate!” Tammy, finally in her natural chirpy tone.

“Oh! Guess what? I said that on purpose because I wanted to drop you myself”.

Tammy was shocked to hear what Vishwanth just said. “WHAT? WHY?” She tried to sound angry but couldn’t hold back her blushing cheek.

Vishwanth did not answer her, “Well, here we are! You have one more hour for the flight. Clear all your formalities and give me a ring. Have a save flight Tam”.

“Bu… but why would you want to drop me? Why did you lie about the traffic?” Tammy sounded perplexed.

Vishwanth pulled her bag out of the rear seat and helped Tammy put it on “I thought you are a smart girl Tam! See ya! Will miss you, I hope you will miss me too!” He gave her a gentle hug “You have a flight to catch mam! You better hurry up. The airport is pretty busy before festivals.”

He got into the car and pulled down the windows. “Have a great vacation Tam. See you soon” Vishwanth threw his usual wink-and-smile at her and zoomed out of the picture.

“This is just a dream! Else am interpreting things in the wrong way! God! I just can’t believe this whole episode!” Tam mumbled as she walked into the airport.


  1. For a second i really thought it was a true story... ;) Anyway, the scope mite still be possible i guess :D

  2. errrr sounds a bit familiar..........................................................

  3. @Rums: You got dropped in the Airport? :P You never told me Rums! Soo mean!!! :P


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