Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Beating the Monday morning blues seems like a hot topic! Looks like 90 percent of the working population sail the same boat as mine… I don’t hate Mondays though! It’s just that I am at my laziest peak on Monday mornings.

Unlike the other days my Monday mornings start with forcing myself out of bed (takes at least half an hour!) and then coiling myself again on the sofa for an extra 15 min. Boom! My mind explodes… alarming me that I have less than 20 min to get ready and hit the road. I get ready in lightening speed pretending that sleep has exited my mind for at least 14 more hours.

When I start rolling my bike on the road, the traffic welcomes my sleep with a big smile again… actually I used to wonder how people can doze when they drive but believe me it certainly is possible! My eyes droops putting my life and other’s at sake. Thankfully a variety of vehicle honks and the buzzling auto drivers save my day with irritating noises that put off my sleep. And when I finally reach my destination (my office) that is the best place to serve your Monday morning right! I jus can’t resist the sleep that invades my eyes though it’s preoccupied with work! I can’t help it people!

But today…. This Monday…. I jus took a small leap forward to find out how I can make my next Monday a better one. Guess what??? I found this – experts suggest hitting the sack as early as possible on Sunday nights, the extra sleep might help dust off the sleep away from your eyes!

By avoiding sleeping in on weekends we can raise early on Monday (now that looks like a difficult one for me… may be you guys can go ahead and try that). Laugh your way to a great start by reading funny comic strips and silly jokes. Guarantee to chase the blues away. (I might want to try these). There are many more tips and tricks in the online world but what I feel is that if you have the confidence and courage to fight and throw that tiny weenie bit of laziness away… it’s is all done in one go!


  1. try my way..
    take leaves on monday!!!
    or atleast 2 hour permission..

  2. @Arvind: Thanks but cannot do it al mondayss


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