Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogs-An Alternative Media?

The history of blog is a wee bit funny of course. As the wiki says Peter Merholz coined the word weblog and just like that broke it into “we blog”. This eventually turned in to the now most common word “blog”. Digging a few decades back, having a PC was a big achievement for many. Slowly people started considering PCs as any other household amenities. Likewise, internet which was once considered only as the rich man’s pie is now a necessity of every household! With the increase in the popularity of internet more and more people started consuming the web juices either to nourish their knowledge or their wealth. Now internet is considered as one of the most powerful medium to do anything in this world! And blogs are making a rave race there. Blogs are educative, entertaining, and even whining (for those who vent out their frustrations). It is used in all possible ways to communicate various messages. I can keep listing the various uses of blogs! Websites use blogs as back links to increase their hits, cinemas use blogs to advertise their latest releases, Celebs use them stay in touch with their fans, and people like me use blogs just to ramble, share ideas and opinions… blogs are evolving in to a new don of the internet. Unlike social networking sites blogs have a huge space for you to own, more privacy, more fun. Personally I feel a blog is like your own piece of land. You can build a house, invite people, shoo off people, and host a party… or whatever… it’s all your own! Coming to the professional part… online advertising has become a branch of advertising. One can make a huge career out of it in the present scenario. Online business and transactions is considered the most convenient and affordable means right now. Many blogs have now become a platform for all these online activities! Is each and every blogger using this medium in the right way? The answer doesn’t matter. Blogs are fun anyways!

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