Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Valentine's Day Fever Begins!

Just five more days left for the big red day! Shops and streets in Chennai (At least in T –nagar) will be filled with red festoons and heart shaped balloons. The city will be painted red with the overwhelming, over enthusiastic Romeos and Juliets and love is already in the air, water, earth, and yeah…Love is overtly on-line!

I have not been quite a good observer and I really do not know how Valentine's Day marked its arrival so far but this 2010, I can see quite a lot of PDAs in many online public forums like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter. Some say it subtle and some make it sound obvious. I really hope Sri Ram Sena doesn drop in here too for verbal, public display of affection! (Chuckles)

This day has become a grand festival in its own way. Some couples say every day is a Valentine's Day for us and still celebrate the special day in a more special way. Other couples spend the Valentine’s Day just like any other day! This year, the biggest challenge for many couples is that “the red day” falls on a Sunday! Some are going to find it very hard to break out of their homes and give valid reasons to escape their parent’s suspicion. However, it is going to be of a great advantage for some to have a whole day to spend with their beloved.

For me, it is going to be another lazy day at my house, watching some chick flicks and rom coms! After all, we should appreciate the efforts of HBO, Star Movies, and Sony Pix that are going to telecast a huge series of great movies this Valentine's Day shouldn’t we! ;)


  1. All is good... but i wonder... whether u really spent ur valentines day at home... (think)

  2. Yepp... Sure i spent it at home.. watchin same ol Rom coms!!!

  3. (belated)valantine day wishes!


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