Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Valentine’s Day Tribute – Tides of Time

“This is amazing! I really missed this fun last year wish we win something at least this year.” Anu shouted in to Kiki’s ears. Anu and kiki are the best of friends. They were doing their second year engineering in a reputed university in Alabama. The very instant Kiki met Anu she knew that they are going to be best friends forever but time had a different plan for them.

“This is amazing! I really missed this fun last year! I wish we win something at least this year. C’mon let’s do our final practice” Anu screamed in to Kiki's ears.

“In this cacophony? No way! I don’t want to risk my throat at the last moment. Let's just relax a bit and watch these stage plays” Kiki replied.

“You are out of your mind Kiks, plays are boring as hell, and definitely not my piece of cake. Now are you coming with me for a last minute brush up or not?”

“Well… ok if you say so!”

It was the annual cultural fest of their parent university. The campus was buzzing with students, some of them were in their best formals and some in their somber shorts but one thing that was common in the air was the electrifying music from the loud speakers that echoed all around the campus. Anu and kiks was excited that they are participating in one of the most sought after cultural event in the city. Anu is an excellent singer with a dewy voice that is capable of mesmerizing anyone. She is about to participate in the acoustics and is very sure of bagging the prize this time. Both Kik and Anu rose to leave the arena to practice their last bit to perfection.

They did not take more than two steps away from where they were seated; Anu heard a shrill scream from the direction of the stage. She turned her head in awe and saw a male performer crying on stage, Anu was shocked and stunned on hearing his voice, it was loud, filled with emotions, and kindled every nerve in her. She just turned around and watched the whole play without taking her eyes away from that one guy who stole her attention away. Kik stood beside her in surprise and Anu stood frozen and drawn deep in to the stage by that one person, the one person who stood out like a full moon to her eyes.

To be continued…


  1. And I will be waiting to read the second part ...

  2. Nooooooo u cant pause a story dis early!!!!!!!!!!! U better write it up fulll now :)

  3. ahem ahem... waiting for the second part!! dont make ur audience waiting!! ;)


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