Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best B'day Ever! ^_^

Every year I think I grow up a bit more, but fortunately, I don’t! :P People say as you grow, your b’day becomes yet another day in your life! But naah not for me! I just can’t contol the excitement my b’day brings me, but this time the excitement was double :D (With a sparkling wink) and I just can’t stop jumping cos every June 24th is going to be more awesome and more special!

I just want to register some of the sweet wishes here in my Blog ^_^ (couldn’t store all in my mob inbox u see ^_^) So here it goes…

Taj: Advance birthday wishes da. Many many more happy returns of the day. will try to wish u at 12 I may sleep off. Sorry for that :P and happy happy b’day! ;) (Thank you Ms. Perfect ;))

Karr: Wish u many more happy returns of tht day. Wish you keep smiling from this instant and for the rest of your life (Sure Karr I guess I will be! :D)

Jess: It’s 12 in my clock and ur day is here… wish u very very happy b’day. You have patiently invested 22yrs of your life and it’s time for life to repay it. You are an angel and you deserve every single happiness in your life. You are a bloody sweet gal so wish u a bloody sweet b’day to u! Treat me if you can J you will have my blessings too… any way I am elder than u so I can ;) hapy b’day varshu. (Am choking actually! ;) But thanks! Tat was sweet! :D and sorry couldn treat u :P)

Sai: Happy b’day dear. Take care and be happy forever. Forget me not... keep rocking as always. (I won’t forget ya… and thanks for not forgetting my b’day! :D)

DD: Hey ya…Many more happy returns of the day. Have an awesome year ahead. Let all your dreams and wishes come true! Happy birthday! (Thank you de ma! ;))

Leks: VVVVVVVV...hap hap happppy bday to uuu..happy bday to u..happy bday to u..happy bday dear V...happy bday to u...u were born in d zooo...u wr born in d zoo..especially with DD ;P n too ^0^ loadza love n hugs... (This wish was in FB.. still one of the best! :) Thank u soo much dear :))

Ram: Jus half an hr more… advance wishes for your birthday… wishing you all the best for your future, you will reach olaces smart girl :) (Smart gal? ya ;) :D thanks :P)

Thank you soo much guys… I am soo glad to have you as my best best buddies :) I know I have missed loads of ppl here… but it doesn mean u guys are not spl… thanks a lott for remembering this day and wishing me!!!! (Really u guys make me fly wayyy beyond cloud 9 ^_^)

And smoke!!! Grrr… I have to remind him that today is my b’day! But… I am excusing you for the couple treat that you and ritz gave me ;) (Thanks and cheers to the most romantic couples :P)

I expected Mug to forget my b’day this yr too but she called and wished! So sweet of you muggy! Love you always!

Loads of wishes from friends and foes (too) but the special wish from the brown-eyed kitty ;) sooooo made my day! (loved every wrd u told me ^_^) Thank you sooo much…love ya…and miss ya :( :)

The only sad part today is that… my loving bro is not around this year cos of his proj work (?!?!? Cant believe it :P) (Yes yes for the first time ever, apart from the first 2 yrs of my life he is not with me on my b’day) I really miss you and the fun is not even half wen you are not around! Love you loads and missed you very very much! and (psstt... tatz the cake dad got for me.... u missed it :P ha ha ha)

Mom and Dad, You made this day a zillion times more special! Love you forever.. mmuuaah! :) :) :) :)


  1. Nice one... But U have missed a true wish!!!!

    Happy birthday!!! And Congratulations for turning to 50 :p

  2. @Arun: what true wish?!?! :)
    and thank you beta!!! (I am 50 yrs young u see!) :P

  3. Good to see that you enjoyed a lot....
    But I am sure that you missed at least two Bournville...
    I especially liked Leks' wishes :)

  4. @Varsha: ^_^

    @Aj: huh? ya? :( cha cha... i missed it... u better save it for me... will get it soon frm ya ;)

    and yes Leks' wish was sweeeeeet! :)

  5. Smart girl... u? LOL. Or otherwise Ram is wishing u that from this bday u get smart... ;)

    Jokes apart... guess u i shud start develop jealousy with u... ur so rich in real good friendships :)

  6. @Tum: Overu... unaku porukaadhae!!! :)
    Yea.. hav real good friends... tat includes u too karr!!! ^_^

  7. Belated BD wishes.God bless u and may all ur wishes come true.....:)

  8. @Rishabh: Thanks a lotttt ^_^

  9. belated wishes to a cheerful girl..
    wish you to have the cheerfulness - ever..

    lovely cake..

    happy b'day..

  10. how would it be if everyday is a b'day..anyway, is your brother varun? sorry if i m wrong!

  11. if everyday is a b'day it would be awesome.. but b'day will lose it's charm :D

    Yes he is my bro.... u knw him?!?!?

    And tnx... i like the temp too ;)

  12. Belated Birthday Wishes
    Have a smashing year!

  13. @Latha: Thanks a lottt :) i really hope soo... :)

  14. Happy Budday Rain :) Have a happy year ahead..!

  15. @Wild: Thank you soo much... I really hope the coming years treat me better ;) :)

  16. hmmm...i know a varun and he s got a sister by the name varshaa..but i do not know if its the varun i know..!

  17. @Pavan: Naah... This a diff varun and varshaa ;)

  18. hmm..could be, but varun doesnt know me by the name pavan. i have two names!

  19. @Pavan: :D okayyy!!! how else does the varun u know, know u as :D i'll ask him :)


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