Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prince of Persia

I watched this movie like a week back, but just din’t feel like writing anything on it. Could be a huge writer’s block! Or you can say I was just too bored to do anything!

I watched the movie in the evergreen Satyam with my family (after a real long time ^_^). To start with, I found the movie neither griping nor boring. It was a decent entertainer. The graphics and the cinematography are definitely the wow factor of this movie. The narration was not really smooth, especially the part where Princess Tamina explains the history of the dagger. You might feel that the movie is a little rushed up ( least I felt that way).

If you have played the video game, you would definitely enjoy the stunts that they have tried to replicate in the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Prince Dastan has tried his best to get into the character! I kinda felt he looked and performed better in “The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain” ;) (aaannd the long hair really din suit him :D). Gemma Arterton who plays the role of Princess Tamina looks better in the posters than in the movie, but her expressions in the movie are definitely cute! I kinda felt Sir Ben Kingsley was not used well! Though he did his part clean, Mike Newell could have given him a wee bit more screen presence. :-) Alfred Molina who plays the role of Sheikh Amar was awesome as ever, his dialog delivery and expressions were really funny, probably the most entertaining part of the movie!

Ultimately I had 2 hrs of good family and movie time! And I am not going to tell how the story goes cos I knw most of you would hav watched the movie already! (I know… I am writing this a bit late :P)

Well... if you haven’t watched Prince of Persia yet, plz go watch the movie and share ur views here ;)


  1. I saw! I liked! :-D

  2. not going to movies at theatre now-a-days..
    like to see Ravan..
    any have may see this movie and comment (!)

    the high light is -
    "u enjoyed the movies with ur family admist this worst trend of film making"

    thanks to that director - for made a family wathching movie..

  3. if tumaini saw my comment - then he may start his own song..
    "somebody got loads of free time even to see the film for the sake of discusing n commenting it Hmmmm..."

    sory man.. can't avoid!

  4. @Neha: yepp it's a good entertainer!!1 :)

    @Arvind: worst trend of film makin?!?!? well.. no comments :)

    @Arvind and Tumaini: Ha ha.. plz don start a war here ppl!!!

  5. Havent seen it yet. May be i will, even after the review i m nt sure :p

  6. @Harini: It's not a very bad movie.... go without any expectations (esp graphics!) you wont be disappointed ;)

  7. hey tell me two things
    1. Does the hero look hot?
    2. Is the storyline good?
    I will watch it based on that :)
    and here is Raavan;s review

  8. @Rums: 1. The hero is Hot! ;)
    2. Soeyline is OK! :)

    And yes... reading Raavan's review :)

  9. "The hero is HOT!"
    I think thats bcos of his long hair :)

  10. @SF: Hero is hot.. yes! cos of hair? ^_^ I dunno tat!!!


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