Monday, June 21, 2010

Identity Crisis???

To live life to the fullest may not sound difficult but the truth is… it IS difficult! Especially when you are helplessly chained to the conventional systems of the society! Well… yes, you can break the chain but the chain shatter only to hurt the ones who are real close to you! This can be avoided if only people understand! People have to understand the fact that one’s life is in their own hands… they have to take their own decisions and whatever the decision is, they have to face the consequences! Our “not so developed society” is not so “for” this concept! Thrusting your systems and concepts on your dear ones is not going to make them any better! If they fall on their own, they will rise on their own!

It is only when you fear the world threatens you! It is only when you care what the world thinks of you… you lose your identity! We are gifted with just one life, and when we live fearing how we look from our neighbor’s eye view, we lose our greatest gift – Our Identity!


  1. That was quite a good one!
    Something close to my heart as well.
    To swim against the tide is not easy
    But then what's the fun in blending
    with the background, right?
    The picture you've chosen is
    quite apt as well.

  2. @Latha: Oh yes!!! we are not chameleons! People should stop poking us to behave like one too! :) anddd tnx :)

  3. Well, I tell you what. I know a thing or two about being the rebel. And I also know a thing or two about casting off familial bonds. But I tell you this from experience - family is the greatest gift ever. No matter what. Friends come and go, there's no getting away from family. As much it can be a great source of anguish, it can also become the greatest source of happiness.

    But does that mean losing your identity? No. You can assert yourself without losing your cool. You can rebel without seeming like a prick. You can stand up for yourself with empathy to others' point of view. Because, no matter how justified you might feel in your POV, you don't win all the battles in life. In those dark lonely days of defeat, family can be the rock you can lean on.

    I might sound terribly old saying this, but those 'people' have a point. But that doesn't mean you have to give in. You just have to show them that you have the strength to fight your own battles, whether you always win or not. Ever so slowly, they will just let you be :)

  4. vamsee,
    me differ here..

    just in the name of family
    - u r not allowed
    to express or
    feel ur self full.
    that is -
    what she want to mean.. (me feel!)

    just live as friends
    (without a relation)
    for a whole life..
    there alone -
    u can see all those pricks..

    if it is of bond,
    one can not move amay..
    they have to bear..

    if it out of bond
    one have every right to move..
    but nvr afraid -
    they nvr move
    if they really in LOVE..

    rain, IDENTITY - (e)go!
    me may comment later!!!!

  5. @Vamsee: Being a rebel, yes! but no i cannot cast off my familial bonds! It's not what i want and i will never do that :) I totally agree with what you have said here... family is everyone's strongest pillar!

    All i ask them is not to be overprotective! :) We are grown ups and it's time we decide what we really need and when we need it!

    By loosing one's identity wat i meant was... if we decide to give up our own principles/perspectives/ideas and start living for the society/community/sect/watever... we lose it!!! Hope u agree!!! :)

    and... the connection bet family and society izz many parents are still stuck with the old principles, i wont say they are wrong all the time... but don u think it's time to move on from the conventional everythin? again... Hope u agree!!! :) :D

  6. @Arvind: You can express but u knw.. it would be easier if they can understand wat u r expressing!

    But yes, loved ones-family will always understand... sometimes they understand instantaneously but sometimes it jus takes some time! :)

  7. @Vamsee: BTW... tat was my first loooong comment! :) hah! :)

  8. hi..
    got that words..
    "the space to express/live oneself freely.."

  9. @V
    'Identity'! your post remind me of things I have done to retain n preserve mine :)
    It is real tough, with so many obligations and responsibilities, people do times when all we want to do is preserve our identity and we are labelled selfish and cruel..( not tat i personally mind it).

    It also reminds me of how idealism and hypocrisy is always waging a war in this world...!

  10. and yaaah..the image on the post..I LOVE IT!

  11. @Leks: Ya... you said it gal... we are labeles selfish and cruel wen we try to save our identity! It's a bad bad worls out there ^_^

    and thanks.. glad u liked the image... its from a movie "Identity" (awesome one!) :)

  12. aaaaahhh the Cusack one! ^-^ no wonder I rem it from somewhere :D

  13. Yo... something which is very motivating to read but often tough to follow... I feel lucky in this regard coz thr r very few things I bother about (I could say my family alone)... This also reminds me of my recent best compliment from a friend... he said that I live in a way just as I wish to and he envies me for that :D... Well this came after all the fart like... 'you are not serious about life...', 'you don't have feelings', 'you think only in one way' and all.... Well to all those dufus I would say... 'Being serious in life is not showing off that u r serious or bothered but it is to do that right things at the right time... Being Happy and keeping others happy comes above all'...
    Cheers for the post :)

  14. @Aj: woah!!! agree agree... and totally agree to 'Being serious in life is not showing off that u r serious or bothered but it is to do that right things at the right time... Being Happy and keeping others happy comes above all'

    cheers!!! :)

  15. 'Being serious in life is not showing off that u r serious or bothered but it is to do that right things at the right time...'

    - me feel - the basic question is this only..

    if a man do this - NOPE..
    is it allowed for a gal? (they not chameleons!)

    me - GUILTY!

  16. This is something that I have been fighting within myself for quite sometime... I wish to do so many things... stuff which my parents (not the society) will not accept! But they reason it on the society like what they will think or say or it will spoil ur future blah blah... Unfortunately this has changed me to an extent... something like deviated myself from being what I wanted or still want to be..!

    The regret part remains but I have learned to adapt or to be myself by adjusting tho their needs and mine... this may not work for all but it brings harmony to an extent! I know I have blabbered here! ;)

  17. So damn true! 'They' spend the initial years teaching us to express ourselves and then later on when we want to or try to express, we are shunned most of the time! Its the fact of life! :-(

  18. @DD:You haven't blabbered :) I just cant believe so many of them feel the same! :)As you said "It builds harmony" yes, we do it so that they can feel better!

    I too wish to do many things DD... I just hope Parents understand that we are not selfish, even if we are it's to make them proud with our betterment...and watever it is, we love them the same :)

    Looks like this is a hugeee topic! :)

  19. @Neha: Yes it is the fact of life! and the fact is very very sad :(

  20. comments overtake ur post..;).Nice.

    The post speaks a different approach to one's identity.But then at the end of it all, we all copy someone or the other in one way or the other .Uniqueness comes only in the way we mix and match things....

    Just wrote wat i felt and follow.

  21. @Rishabh: Yes... it's somethin i felt :)
    I quite agree with your point too!!! :) heard der are scientific proofs for wat u said!!! :)


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