Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Defunct 2

Read this first: Almost Defunct 1

Back in the review room Nicky Anderson was looking at Marc in the laser projector screen. “He is a genius, I say, all he needs is a second chance.” “Stop this Nicky; I can’t stand the fact that you are supporting him every time there is a big mix up. Hope you know the consequence if someone comes to know of this project. Kat might just ruin it and Marc Wellington is not realizing the seriousness of it.”

“Dad, I work close with him. I know he is very serious about this! “

“Duh, I should have never let you date this geek! Look at you now!!! I just wish you don’t become a mad scientist like him.”

Derek Anderson is the chief in charge of the Classified American Robotics Corporation. His daughter Nicky is a beautiful woman in her late 20s. Nicky has always been in to mechanics and robotics ever since her childhood. When she graduated from Purdue University with a distinguishing gold medal, her father decided to take her in as a junior engineer for CARC. From then on, her world revolved only around CARC.

“This would fix you! Now let’s get ready for a test drive.” Marc unplugged a chord from Kat, with a satisfying smile on his face. “So, is she ready Doc?” Nicky closed the door and entered the lab in her silver suit. “Nicky, I am glad you are here. Just help me with checking her bracket system will you?”

“Marc, we need to talk.”

“Nicky, let me just finish this. You know this is priority right.”

“Yes, I do. I need to discuss about Kat. Let’s take this conversation outside.”

Nicky and Marc moved to the lush green, open terrace. The place Nicky seeks solace whenever she loses her cool. The terrace garden had a few randomly spread out, stone benches, a small fish pond, and a fountain. They stood near the fish pond and starred at the briskly swimming fish like robots. Nicky took a deep breath.

“Marc, I know you are working very hard on Kat-12 but dad is very worried that Kat would spill the beans with her unstable sonic radiations and her public stunts. You are aware of the fact that our foes are keeping an eye on us all the time right?”

“Honey, are you telling me to back up on this project?”

“No Marc, I know this is very important for you. I am just asking you to let me help you. You can’t do all this on your own, you need a support, and for the thousandth time I am asking you… let me give you a hand.”

For the past six months, Marc never let Nicky to help him because he knows that Kat is sort of unstable and any kind of accident might happen. He did not want to take any risks until Kat-12’s motor receptors are fine to go.

“Alright then, you can help me with the coding and formatting part, but never touch Kat without my presence.”

“Love you Marc!” As they exchanged a gentle mutual kiss, a sudden, screeching noise interrupts them. Krypton hurries to the terrace with his broken legs (wheels) echoing the painful noise.

“Krypton, why can’t you use your wheels for the time being? You are attracting too much of unnecessary attention.”

“Well, let me be the one attracting unnecessary attention but someone downstairs needs an emergency attention.”

Marc and Nicky, in one voice, “Oh no, Kat!!!”


  1. Yeeaa me commentin 1st,. is gudddd,... lots of names n technicalities a lil confusin :), other wise its perfect, jus finish more in 1 single release,. :) waitin waitin

  2. @Sam: Glad u commented first ^_^ and thanksss :)
    Brain wrkin only at intervals wat to do!!! ;)

  3. rain.. me always scared of stories..
    any have - will surely read urs and will comment:)

  4. great suspense uh! :)
    nice to see sm1 close to me writing a sci-fi!!
    good going...

  5. sci-fi?? Good but where did u get the inspiration to write this one......full of techy stuff.

  6. @Arvind: Yepp read on! :)
    @Aj: I am someone close? he he tnx! and glad u liked the suspense!

  7. @Rishabh:Too techy heh!!! hmmmm.. will try to reduce it in de nxt part :) Inspiration? my dream ;)

  8. Babes!! u really know how to make your audience wait with curiosity to know what next!! :) now don't make them wait too long!! so come on come on knuckle up and write!! :) more!! :)

  9. @DD" he he.. yea? yess will continue soon! :)

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  11. you are good at this ;)

  12. @Arvind Ji: Now do make me giv up on sci-fi!!!

  13. Engineering/scientific/electronics/medical(!!!!)
    dumbest K-12 androids
    infra axis rays
    Un-classified radiations
    sonic radiations
    electron diffuser
    bracket system (what it is? Me read in between lines!)
    motor receptors

    (girl) Kat - Kat-12 a Robot project of CARC

    boy - Marc - junior engineer CARC;
    daughter - Nicky Anderson - junior engineer CARC
    dad - Derek Anderson - chief in charge CARC

    CARC - Classified American Robotics Corporation
    Purdue University – teaching mechanics and robotics

    Marc has been assigned with the project (Kat -12) of creating a Robot,
    which is sensitive to some issues while working..

    still now moral(!):
    1) Dad’s have not change – even in the Robot age! (not accepting daughter’s boy friend!)
    2) Gal’s too not change – (falling in love!)
    3)Boy’s too nvr change – ( immature!)
    4) If u end of Marc with Kat – then author’s too!!

    its tough to read a story..
    but now only this story is perking up!!!

  14. don't give up rain..
    atleast u r trying -
    which me gave up over a decade!

  15. kindly cut the JI!!!!!

  16. comes my desi asimov :D

  17. @Leks: ha ha... desi na... lemme see how my brain wrks for the nxt part ;)


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