Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Almost Defunct

Kat got up late from her bed like a resurrected mummy from its tomb. Waking up late is one of the worst habits that Kat could not change in her 20 years of incarceration in the big, busy city.

No alarm rung her mind to get her moving, all her brain could do was to command her eyes to open. She shuffled her feet down the hall, and stood half-asleep in front of the bathroom door.

“What?” she screamed; froze for a micro second, staring at the hands of the clock that stood one at nine and the other at ten. She ran in to the shower and had something close to a bath. Stuffed two breads in her mouth and let a glass of milk run through her throat, filtering through the stuffed breads. Ignited her bike with help of the “self-starter”

“Start dammit! Ah… doncha give up on me now!” as she screamed, a few people in the neighborhood turned their heads to see what’s happening, only to ignore whatever it is. Her bike started, she did not wait a second, she vroomed and zip-zoomed the narrow streets of her neighborhood and reached the highway.

“Here it goes, these damn traffic jams and jellies are a big pain and I am totally busted today!” she muffled to herself and squeezed her way through the narrow space between the gigantic cars and trucks. As soon as she reached the end of the jam, the traffic signal turned amber. “No way!” She screamed, and accelerated her bike. She drove so fast that she forgot to notice the truck that curved to make a turn. She applied the brakes, but lost her balance. The bike skidded under the truck, wheeled cross the road and disappeared in to a corner. She curled up, holding her head in pain. Everything blacked out. The last thing she remembered was the fading out image of a distant truck and the cracked surface of the cement road.

Kat struggled to open her eyes. Bright, fluorescent, lights blurred in and out. “Am I in a hospital? Or am I dead? Is this heaven?” she thought for herself. She slowly rose from the bed and realized that both her legs and an arm are completely gone! “Noooo…” She screamed in an unusual voice. Two men, clad in silver suit, rushed in to the room.

“What is happening? Where are my limbs? What is this place? Who are you?” A series of questions resonated the room. “And why the hell am I sounding like a… like a robot?” Before one of the men could answer her questions, Kat screamed again “What kind of an alien experiment are you doing with my body? Am I dead? ANNNSSSSWWEEERRRRR MEEEEE!” she screamed so loud that some of the weird equipment in the room started falling from their place.

One of the men hurried and pulled a cable out of a circuit that looked more like a giant, mobile phone charger. Kat fell on the bed dead. “This is one of the dumbest K-12 androids you have ever made Marc. Please get this thing working like what you have promised or let me crush it in the junk yard. The company just can’t afford these kinds of screaming tin cans.”

“Aggrrhh… Kat, why do you always let me down?” Marc pushed a pin into the open, metal head of Kat, and started typing something on the virtual keypad that displayed in the air.

“I analyzed her infra axis rays, as she tried to start me this morning, it was muddled, bleared and what not! Marc, I tried to stabilize her but she did not allow me. I am terribly sorry”

“That’s ok Krypto; you are doing me a great favor already. I am checking her electron diffuser and formatting certain parts of her E2PROM. She should be back in a few days I guess. I am wholly dependent on her for my promotion. I should make this K-12 look and work completely like a human. If only she doesn’t attract so much bugs via unclassified radiations!" Marc kept ranting with a big furrow on his forehead.

“You better fix it right doc! Being her transport is such a pain in my muff. Now, I am meeting Sarah to fix me up… I am hit quite badly too. See you around.” Marc waves a dead hand and continues typing…


(Or should I continue?!?!)


  1. I can see the resemblance of the initial part of Kat to U! :P
    But i cant imagine u to be turned into to an anroid... LOL!!!

    Good Start! Want to see what Marc does in the next chapter. ;)

  2. @Tum: I don get up late everyday!!! :) ;)
    and hey.. the story ends!!! I cant work it up for a 2nd chapter!!!

  3. Ok Krypto is the bike???!!! n Marc is the Scientist guy rite?? okii,.. so she falls down n they make her a robot or the robot takes a fall??!! :) Nice story though,.. n the accident scene is the one u fell n hurt ur legs rite :P,.. gud work,.. part 2 soon :)

  4. @Sam: Kat is an android! Marc is tryin to make an android that behaves human in all ways, like.. eating, bathing, evince and express all kinda emotions. And yea.. Krypto is a transformer kinda bike :P

    I met with a minor accident smoke... this is MAJOR! ;)

  5. that was one breezy sci fi ;P

    liked likked likkked it though ^-^

    next chapter if ever comes in can bring in aliens also ..' we come in peace' ( robotic alienated voice) ha ha!

  6. @Leks: Thanks for the triple "Like" ;) and tatz a nice lead...I saw Aliens coming in peace in Race to Witch Mountain...Let me work somethin out (if i could) :)

  7. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    Interesting!Reminded me of an android story I'd read in school.Initially I thought it to be a normal story but the turn was sudden and dramatic.What with E2PROM and electron diffusion and infra rays...such technical details.I guess you must be into computer science or physics and would make for a good sci fi writer:). Anyway, as for the story you must continue it. What you've written is like an appetizer. We are waiting for the main meal:)

  8. Ajay: A friend helped me with that particular technical detail ;) Thanks! I will cook the main meal very soon :)

  9. good imaginative Sci fic story. well done!! Keep them coming!!

  10. hey really good....cont asap
    i think u shuld admit tat the first 3 paras r ur personal xperience ....everyday,,,lol :)
    nyways gud imagination gal........

  11. @Varnie: Glad u enjoyed it.... ok ok.. who knows better than u! I admittttttttt :)

  12. That was interesting-when's the next instalment due?

  13. @Latha: Thanks!!! coming soon... :)


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