Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random Thoughts from May


Assuming is good, some say. Assuming is bad, I say.

Assuming sets expectations and when it’s not met… Tat’s it… the castle crumbles down and you find it hard to build it again. Many things in life are not completely in our hands, though some great men say, “Your life is in your hands".


Everything in life definitely has some kind of domino's effect. But the funny part is, when you are selfless people doesn’t really notice you! (That is…no domino's effect), all they do is take advantage (may be unconsciously!). If you begin to be selfish the whole world turns against you and tags you for being such an evil! Following which everything around you goes wrong and you lose your peace!

P.S: I am so glad May is almost over! I am planning to keep milling! (Keeping fingers crossed that JUNE is going to be AWESOME!)


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  2. First,good luck and wishes for a happy and 'awesome' June.

    Assumptions-rightly explained.

    Selfish- confusing.wat r u ? Selfish/selfless ?

  3. its always true -
    “Your life is in your hands".
    not in the hands of the - "Many things in life "

    i am not into the version of -
    but always remember -
    its an experiment of ur life..
    (don't think abt laboratory!)

    thought - me have to keep my mouth shut!!(e"go")

    1) here already the signs of the June is showing.. (shower!!)
    2) don't analyse too much - just celebrate (Dominios!!)

    thanks for all those writings (incl-tags!!) on May..

    (word verification: mated!)

  4. @Rishab: Thanks... ^_^
    I am selfless but selfish at times ;)

  5. @Arvind: Many things in life are not in our hands!!!! :) c'mon think bak.... u might jus realize tat!

    btw.. thanks Glad u liked it!

  6. me too mean that rain..
    but the guts to accepting that is -
    "in your hands only!"

    hi.. leave it..

    "ur favourite rainy season is going to start" (lol)

  7. Both are true...
    I liked the 'dominos effect!' comparison of life...

    Wish you a happy june ahead!!

  8. @Aj: Thanks thanks!!!! I really wish things are goin to be fine this month!

  9. Nice assumptions ^-^
    Am a selfless being, selfish at rare times type! :D SO you see, I can very well understand!

    Bud den..we are wad we are ;)

    NO wonder, so mannyy ppl love us :D

    A happy merry June to you! hug!

  10. @Leks: lol...nice!! same pinch then!
    and yes thanks.. i really really hope June turns out super cool!

  11. Selfless or selfish... being 'the self' is wat matters more!! :)

  12. @DD: clap clap.. liked wat u said!!! :)

  13. @Pavan: :) Yes Das nails it! :)

  14. "The world takes on a different appearance when you see it for what it is.
    As long as your life is about you and your personal gain, the world will look like a collection of things you either can’t have or have too much of.
    But that speaks of who you are and not what the world is.
    You will be surprised to see what the world looks like when you no longer want anything from it. It looks like a dance of light and motion, animated by Divine Love. "
    This is from a fellow blogger's post. Felt it was relevant to your post!

  15. @Latha ji: Thanks a lot.... that was awesome!!!

    I totally agree with "You will be surprised to see what the world looks like when you no longer want anything from it." :)

  16. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    I concur with you. But, I believe that if you are true and honest, it'll come back to you. But then, we should know people around us.

  17. @Ajay: Welcome to my blog ^_^
    Yes being true and honest does lotsa good things (sometimes bad things too ;))

    Knowing people around us will be the art no one can master!

    Thanks for visiting and do keep reading!

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  19. "knowing people around us will be the art no one can master"

    in fact one chinese religion is there - which teaches the handling of various human reactions(!).. it just enumerates 3600 situations and teach - "how one have to behave on the ego of the others and get the things done through.."

    that religion is "Confucianism"


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