Friday, May 21, 2010

Come Back to Me

Hundreds of merry people around

Only makes me more confound

What is the merriment all about?

Is my ego and I picking a bout?

Now why am I feeling naked?

Where has my shell shattered?

I am nothing without my shell

Now don’t punish me to hell

Not now, please not now!

Bits and pieces glitter on the floor

I know I have not lost the whole

I am trying to bind it back one by one
Let me get inside before you shun

Albeit I abandoned you

Ego, I am nothing without you!

Come back to me

For, I am a fool without thee!


  1. well said... ego is often taken negatively but its mainly about being one's own self... good one

  2. @Ajay: Thank You!!! I am glad you got it right! ^_^

  3. ho.. ego is the starting point - when one is kid.. it always thinking selfish..

    when one grow - s/he matures and the ego has to trasform to awareness..

    dont try to pick those bits and pieces again..

    just thank it and move ahead..

  4. @Arvind: Ego is essential! Only if u hav ur ego... u wont make a fool out of urself!!! or at least wont let others take advantage of your exposed softness! :) hope u won't deny the fact!

  5. if me answer ur question - then that is my "ego"..

    me could not avoid the answering of your question..

    let me try..

    "ego" arise when there is comparison..
    u have this - me have that much..

    awareness is the state of feeling..
    when u get pain - u could easily understand the pains of other's too..

    there exist "no comparison.."

    "awareness always understands.."

  6. @Arvind: You have a different Idea.... What i have said here is Different... :)
    I am talkin abt the basic Ego or self or ur own consciousness that you need to stand up for yourself. Losing ur ego is like losing ur identity is what i have tried to say here!!!

  7. Me understood what u r saying here!! But aren't we always told not to have ego coz at the end the loss is more than the gain due to it?? And does ego form our identity??!!

  8. @DD: Babes... I am not talkin about the bad ego here. (There is a good ego and a bad ego rite!) I am talkin abt the good Ego that builds your identity.You need it as a protection, so that no one hurts you or you don't let anyone hurt you!

    Are we having a socially conditioned DD here? ;) C'mon... i knw u r sweet but the loss is more wen u r sweet to everyone.

  9. ho.. rain crab..
    me just told my view..

    what ever ego - its of mind - it uses to hold..
    what me saying abt is of heart - it uses to flow..

    any have - don't hang on too much on it..

    hold ur cheeks in ur palm.. if ur palms so chill - u r under ur ego at that moment..
    if its warm - then u r not with ur ego..

    have a "chill" day..

  10. @Arvind: Thanks ji... i guess i had a chill day! :)

  11. The pic looked so apt for the poem! :-)

  12. @Tapas: Thank You! Glad u liked it :)

  13. Just wonderful varsh

  14. @VAAL: Thanks :) but hey... do we know each other?

  15. @VAAL/Vid: Sooo glad u visited my blog!!! :) and more glad u liked this!!! ^_^


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