Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Known Stranger

People change a lot with the change of time. Whether the change is for good or bad depends!

Recently, I got a chance to catch up with a few of my old school buddies, thanks to the n number of social networking sites!

Back in school, I considered someone as my real close friend and thought she is going to be my BFF! However, as time passed we split, cos she shifted her house to the other corner of the city. Unfortunately, seven years ere we did not use cell phones and relied on landlines for communication. The girl left and never cared to leave her new telephone number. I did try hard to contact her (like a mad lover… don’t get me wrong here!) but failed! Now, after seven years I got to meet her again in a social networking site and ended up telling this

“me: How are you?

her: blah blah.. blah blah blah blah...

me: Ah huh?

her: blah blah.. blah blah blah blah...

me: Well... from where did you catch this attitude? Did you forget all our good old days! You have changed a lot gal. You feel like a complete stranger to me now

her: really? ha ha ha... blah blah blah

me: |@..@| duh!!! (now why did she say really?!?!)”

Parallely, a strange but surprising thing happened! I have never talked to this person at school. Have I at least borrowed your notes? Cos I used to borrow math books and notes from known and unknown faces of my class just to copy the homework ;)

The crux is...we ended up talking like best friends catching up on good old days. What was surprising was that we talked as if we know each other for a long time…no ego, no bad attitude, no feeling of ignominy, trash talk, career talk, and what not? End of the day, I felt I could have befriended this nice person years back!

What’s the big surprise all of us meet some known strangers in life.


  1. just few words, just a "hi", just a smile..
    that is life..

    after all the life thought us only one -
    "I miss you.."

    hi.. why you not write often? missing!!

  2. @Arvind: I am tryin my best to write often! :) work comes in the way!

    Thanks for being an ardent reader! It's encouraging! :)

  3. This reminded of the song
    "Chalo ek baar phir se
    ajnabi ban jaayen hum dono.."
    Nice post-yes, it does happen
    at times. When circumstances
    change our perspectives too change.
    We may get to see unknown faces
    of people we thought we knew well
    and as you've experienced, the
    exact opposite also happens/

  4. @Latha: Thanks Ji!!! And yes... this was quite a learning for me! :D

  5. ah yessss...thats like always so true!!!

    those who r at d periphery r sometimes d ones who understand us the best coz they have a much wider view of us

  6. oh V..

    this is so true at timess :(

    but, heyyy..sometimes it just happens..!

    and I sometimes believe that strangers click more easily than friends when you want to open up.. they are there with no preconceived notions or ideas about you!

    SIGH...friends turn strangers n strangers turn friends ;)
    p.s- my friends will kick my ass now! ^0^

  7. @Mayz: wider view.. i totally agree!!! Thanks for your comment...i loved all your poems bak der in ur blog!!!! :)

  8. @Leks: Your P.S is the reason y strangers are better resorts to open up or polambify (in my language)he he ;)

  9. You know 'friendship' like this where you think that this person can be your BFF during school happens to everyone I guess! Even I had a friend, we were inseparable in a pair, duo..whatever you name it! And now I am not in touch with her at all....we live sooo near by, know each others' house and yet, no contact! She has changed so damn much and I have changed so much that we might not even recognize each other...also our views and the personality as a whole has changed. Its like we dont know each other anymore. The 'growing' together was stunted for sometime and thus the crucial years when we shape up our thoughts, morals and personality was the time when we were apart. So yeah...Move on. Unfortunate, but nevertheless the truth!

  10. Very true Neha! and yepp.... i moved on the instant i finished ranting it here ;)

  11. Making new friends is easy but maintaining it after moving distances has been very tough for me too. Even to date my best friends are from school but I say this coz we r frnds in need but dont generally spend lot of time to hang out together even when in the same place. I think everyone got thr own work and moving on is the right thing... Necessities bind us back with old friends some times... and we should definitely thank social networking for that!

    very nice point to take and good post!!

  12. @Ajay: Ya people tend to move on!!! we have to accept the fact and move on too! :)


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