Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer, Rain, and Love

It was darker than usual; the only sound that filled the air was that of the playful crickets. The clouds veiled the moon completely and it was drizzling since evening. All of a sudden, sounds of laughter resonated in the distant darkness of the deserted road.

“I have never laf..laugh..ed…ed so loud” she managed to squeeze that sentence between her laughs.

Same pinch!” he winked with a mysterious smile on his face.

I keep distance from happiness for it marks only the beginning of the pain that trails behind. But the past few days are proving it wrong. I am happy and I am loving it, I love the way you make me feel. Thanks!

I will not lie to you, I feel the same! The past few days were some of the happiest days in my life.” He lit her face with his bright smile in the pith of darkness.

The drizzles transformed to small pearls of droplets and their laughter to silence. They could no longer hear the crickets or the tune composed by nature around them. Their hearts raced each other’s. He covered his chest with his palm hoping to stop his heart from jumping out of its cage. Unconsciously, the distance between them widened, yet they continued to walk.

Don’t hate me for saying this, but I think I am falling for you. Can you catch me?

She froze there instantly. “Did she really hear that? No, did he really say that?” Her mind clouded with too many questions. It did not feel real! “Maybe it’s too late in the night, maybe I am just dreaming!” she thought to herself.

Hey, don’t be silent! Say something!

“God! This is for real! Should I say he knows the answer better than I do? Should I laugh, cry, or should I say my arms are wide open my love?” she ran a thousand options in her mind and said…

That was sweet! The best I have ever heard!

He just smiled and turned around. “What did I say? Did he understand what I just said? Oh my god! What a bummer am I. I really suck at this” Just to reassure herself, she managed to blurt a few words “I am happy”

So am I!

Is this really happening? Pinch me! :)”

Sure this is happening! I can’t believe it either.:)

I never expected this from you! It was sweet!

My heart is still drumming! I just wanted to tell you what I felt. Keeping it to myself is a pain.

I am really happy that you took it out now!” They looked at each other with a content smile in their eyes and continued walking.

It was one dark, rainy night she will never forget for eternity. Whether it’s reality or not, doesn’t matter, she enjoyed that instant and she was happy for what happened that night. Sometimes reality is too good that you doubt whether you are living in a world of fantasy. It’s an ecstasy when summer, rain, and love nails you at the same time!


  1. hi.. very nice flow.. the flow - make me the feel of "chill" - though me not in the water..

    me know - always know - it is difficult to tell that with full heart.. (she enjoyed that instant and she was happy for what happened that night)
    nice words..

  2. I loved it!! coz u had one of my favorite lines in ur story.... "I love the way you make me feel".. awwww varshaa touchings and feelings de ma!! ;)

  3. Hey I consider this as the best of your writings... Very well expressed...

  4. @Ajay: Thank Youuuuu!!! ^_^

  5. @Ajay: Thank you very much!

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    but i received the mail notification! any idea why this is happening!?!?

  7. @Hari: Thanks! same problem with ur comments... it's not visible in my blog :(

  8. @DD: Thanks dear!!! looks like u use the lines often ;)

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  10. he he... not really... read it in a book:)

    and abt the visibility of my comment!! me have no idea da!!

  11. @DD: Guess I have corrected it! :D

  12. 3 thanks for one compliment :D
    Seems like i improved my complimenting skills :P

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    Guess it's alrite now ^_-

  14. wow rain..i totally loved this..pure & magical

  15. @Wildflower: Yea jus magical!!! and too bad magic is not real ;)

  16. Wow, loved this!
    Rain,night and love-
    that's a lethal mix :)

  17. @Latha Ji: Yes "Lethal" it is!!! i loved the word ^_^


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